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:iconsmokeriver24:SmokeRiver24 posted a status
*someone gets 12 views on a vent they just made*
*they instantly get two comments of comfort bc they are popular and a good artist so of course they'll get it*
*I, a not so known artist posts a vent with 17 views which has been on for a month*
*I don't get any comfort*
I probably sound so needy hhh
like that person totally deserves comfort and stuff but why not everyone? everyone has feelings, not just those people with hundreds of subscribers/followers/watchers

Devious Comments

crowndust Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
what's wrong
please talk to me
i can't stand seeing people hurt

i'll try my hardest to make you feel better <33
SmokeRiver24 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2016  Student General Artist
oml thank you <33
maybe in notes? I just don't feel comfortable doing it in the comment section hhh
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