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Witch .Marzanna

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Fascinating concept. Reminds me of the Symbolist movement.  Very dark and conceptual. 
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Slavic mythology is so underrated.
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I went researching Marzanna, because I didn't know anything about her, and fell in love with this particular area of Slavic Mythology and folklore I still know very little about.
Thank you for that, and for yet another beautiful, touching, special piece! :hug:
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I too not so well know slavic мифологию.but much at us fine images terrible and lovely - since times paganism. I think any mythology of any country fine.myth and folklore it is always interesting.

Here look to me very much to be pleasant this multik-smes Christianities and pagan сказки.я I think it it is very beautifully drawn also very Russian)
I hope to you to be pleasant.


And many thanks)!!
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Thank you so much for that link... I loved it, what a beautiful video! I wish I could undersand all the russian written around it lol
Thanks! :hug:
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Nice details and fine formation. I really like the balance and design. Well done.
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