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Industrial Modeling Basics: CC

By smokejaguar
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Industrial Design and Modeling/Rendering Basics Concept ...

Errors on my renderer prevent me from making higher quality shots on this and for some reason alpha channel recognition is malfuctioning.

Hence I can't render out clean cuts and am forced to post a flat (unedited) raster of the shot.

== Details ==
Resource: None
Software: Wings3D {Modeling} | MAYA {Renderer}
Modeling Technique: Box Modeling {Segmented Composite Mesh}
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Hmm, reminds me of the HAVWC from Flag.
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wow col, i love the form and the colors!
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congratulations your art is now made in blender XD
[link] [link]
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hi, I'd like to point out your work here has been used in a scam site about a 3D software that sells itself as "Easily The Most Powerful 3D Creation Software On The Planet!" but is really only the open-source software Blender underneath:

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bump this topic up. [link] this is the link. you SHOULD sue them to protect your own right.
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kuya simon ang ganda parang sa power rangers nagtatransform ... hehhee parang
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very nice concept vehicle :)
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Cheers, I'm finally gaining some speed again...
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Very cool man! :)
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WELLdone luks sick
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I worship...I will make an occult just for you! bwahahaha
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tangna, so kuuuuuuuuuulllllll!!!!!!!!
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gsto ko din matuto nito...
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wow.. galing ni kuya simon! hehe turuan mko nyan! hehehe
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