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TD Bitsa....

Desktop picture is only for display purposes.. not to be included with the theme. Kudos to anyone who can guess where the inspiration for this one came from.

Dragon Tongue's Bitsa Kaleidoscope Theme....

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Hmm, not feeling this one. Sorry!

But I'm the first to know that you can't please everyone and just keep doing what you like :nana:
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Also, this was also partially one of those things I made for fun and learning. That was the most important thing. If the colors, or what not aren't your cup of tea with this don't worry. It's not my last theme. ;)
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Like I said, you don't have to justify your choices. Just keep doing what you like and forget the rest. I was just giving my honest opinion, not trying to put down your work as you know I've shown my appreciation many times since Flavours came out. If you prefer not to receive comments, I will respect that...
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Aw, now I'm feeling guilty. :P But really, you don't have to stop commenting just keep in mind that not everything I make is going to be flat or have the same color scheme. I'm doing a wide range of stuff executed as best as I can and letting the public decide what they want.
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Not everything I've made is a hit. I have a feeling that certain themes of mine like Marashino Steele and Strawberry Bubblegum are under-appreciated. However, at least I'm not always doing *flat theme or theme with 50% shine fill number 675 & round traffic lights and little or no color* or all the time, eh?

Also, I think I succeeded in making a theme here that has relatively dark colors but not so dark that the text is starting to look terrible\illegible like certain other people who shall go nameless.
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Yeah I know, I love flat/monochromatic themes and that's mostly what I've been doing with Flavours. To each his own, like they say ;)
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I actually love how you did some of the elements in Maraschino Steele. Like how the drop downs and buttons looks kinda like glass. I never though of that till you did it.

In this one i like how you did the check boxes. I actually did something simular in one of the themes i am working on. I see potential in this theme.
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Thanks. About the checkboxes though. Often times because the elements for one thing get transposed to another it sometimes is serendipitous that for example.. the checkboxes come out looking good. I actually wish we had a more advanced theming mode where we could apply specific styles to the checkboxes and or progress, status bar instead of having them be duplicated from other places.

If a themer actually wants those elements to be duplicated they can use a smart layer for them.
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