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One of my photos was used here: Enjoy!
I've created a fb page:…
To my models :) 

Dear ladies!

I know that some of you are watching me here. Some of you are waiting for their photos to appear in my page. I will tell you the same story once again :)

Don't know what to do with this, but photography became a real addict for me. I do realize that I'm not a real artist, but this doesn't help... My life is not very easy, not only because of the Greek crisis. I cannot afford good lenses or a studio :( Nevertheless, I shoot a lot nowadays and as a result have thousands of frames and almost no time to process them.  When I have time (usually during nights if I'm not too tired), I take 3 - 4 photos from different sets, edit them and publish. I am trying to do this more or less evenly, so none of you to be offended :) Sometimes it's not easy... Moreover, I like one photos more than others. But I do love you all and this helps me to achieve better results sometimes :)

I want to thank all of you very-very much for your collaboration. And for the patience.

Much love,
Athens, Greece.
Dushanbe, Tajikistan.
4 days in Athens for some new shootings :)
Just want to apologise. I used to publish 3 - 4 new photos every day some time before.  Almost nothing currently. I do realize that only few of my watchers are really expecting my pictures. So, to whom it may concern :)

I had a rather hard period in my life recently. Nothing special, everybody alive and hopefully healthy, but for me it was not easy. Say, a kind of depression. The best treatment I could invent was photoshoots :) As a result I have lots of photos, some of which I really love, and absolutely no time for processing. Especially after I switched to Photoshop :) On the 1st of August I'm leaving for vacation with my family - no new photos expected during 2 weeks... Then I'm going for a 2 week business trip...

I want to thank very very much my permanent watchers for their support both with comments and with faves. You cannot imagine how did you help me!

I want to apologize to all my models, first of all to Windy, Eugenia, Christina, Olga and Inna, that I do not publish plenty of photographs made together. I really admire you all girls and I will try to post pictures one by one, maybe even in winter :)

Please forgive me my English :) Much love. See you!
I was happy to learn that my photo is featured in the News Article: 'Faces of DeviantART Vol. 01' :)

My special thanks to Frank Beer :iconfrank-beer:
Hi, I've started a donation pool to buy a premium membership, but it looks like nobody noticed that. Otherwise why nobody donates? :D
All the best to all my friends and watchers!
Happy New Year to all my friends and watchers! :)
May it be better than 2012...
I will be inactive or almost inactive till mid September 2012. Much more photos will come afterwards :)
Coming soon new model Christina....