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Proud Mama

This is my new OC, Amara! This is a kinda experimental piece. I think my art on here has been pretty boring up to now, so I hope you guys like this better <3

Criticism is welcome!
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Hello there! You have been visited by a Critique Ninja! We stealthily roam the site, looking to leave thoughtful and useful criticism, as per the spirit of CRITmas. Mind if I just hop on to business, then? Just swooping in and out again - that is the Ninja way...!

First things first: I should warn you that what follows next is more nitpicking than actual, tough-as-nails critique. I actually like this picture and the story behind it! Its a fun piece.

The one thing I have a bit of a problem with here, is her lower body. Her shorts are way smaller than you'd logically expect, and I wonder if it's because you felt you were running out of space, or because you unconsciously had the whole character gradually taper down as you sketched her in. In fact, proportions are a bit on the edge of wrong/ not wrong: her hands, too are rather small, compared to her face.

Those plant creatures really are neat, though. I suggest you just keep proportions in mind when next you start up a picture, and I'd keep this one just the way it is for now.

I hope you have a lovely day and an even better New Year!

(PS: don't mind the stars; I don't much like the rating system so I always give everyone the same amount.)
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She's a proud mama alright, with her small grin tells so many things like...she would likely use this plant for world domination C:

lol Joke aside, this indeed a great piece :DDD those plants really puts the depth of the space pretty well with the arrangement you've done, and overlapping quite well no flat looking plant I've notice, since the colour help elevate the volume of each of the subject. By the looks of it overall, this is done in one go? Cause it seem to look like this piece has been done fairly quick, and that's cool of you if you can finish it in one swept. Of course there's a break somewhere in those interval when you're in a process of doing it. About the proportion, by the looks of your gallery you proportion knowledge is pretty good. So, from what I can deduct regarding this is that... iiit's matter of approach.. I think.. Since its an experimental piece it would likely to be something emm... out of the character.. and you seem excited to show your OC as well so this  approach is likely to be relevant to the idea you want to convey quickly without some extravagant detail hassle.. you just want to portray the initial ideas you have regarding the matter, and maybe next time you'll be doing something polished with this idea.. Correct me if wrong UuU, and if I'm right(partially) well this piece got a good all thumbs up for me so..high ten (\(~w~)/)
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Best title XD she does seem like the tough motherly type!! :> and I really love all the geometric shapes that went into her design — those oversized glasses sighs... :3
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EEE this is too cuteee <33
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