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A Tupan Finger


After Thalassodromeus and Nyctosaurus, here we are with the most weird looking of the crested pterosaurs.

This is Tupandactylus imperator, the "emperor Tupan finger". It's not just weird, it's awesome. A parrot-like beak on an azhdarchoid with a sail on its head. And with a lifestyle of a terrestrail toucan. You will not ever see an animal stranger than this.
About the reconstruction, the wings are just like Thalassodromeus' ones. For the same reasons too. The pycnofibres' crest is an artistic touch of mine: not impossible and cool looking. And I put on it a beard. Why a beard? One specimen shows us that pycnofibres were present on its lower jaw so...Yeah I know. I took this feature to the extreme. But hot damn, it suits it so well.
The original concept was similar to a green ara (and to "Trieboldia" too), but after a long talk with Matt Martyniuk, who gave me precious tips, I used a more "parsimonious" look.

And that's it.

Tupandactylus (meaning "Tupan finger", in reference to the Tupi thunder god) is a genus of tapejarid pterodactyloid pterosaur from the Early Cretaceous Crato Formation of Brazil. It is notable for its large cranial crest, composed partly of bone and partly of soft tissue. The Tupandactylus genus possibly contains two species, both bearing differently sized/shaped crests that may have been used to signal and display for other Tupandactylus, much as toucans use their bright bills to signal to one another. Tupandactylus crests consisted of a semicircular crest over the snout, and in the case of the type species T. imperator, a bony prong which extended back behind the head. A second species, T. navigans, lacked this prong, and had a much more vertical crest. Soft tissue impressions also show that the small bony crests were extended by a much larger structure made of a keratinous material. The complete crest of T. navigans rose in a sharp, sail-like "dome" high above the rest of the skull.

Coloured with Tria Markers, Adobe Photoshop and pencils. Based on cockatiel, mandarin duck and monarch butterfly.

References: Mike Hanson, John Conway, Matt Martyniuk.

Enjoy it!

On my blog too: ktboundary-smnt2000.blogspot.i…

EDIT: I hade some free time, so I added a bigger, better picture.

Ps: Sorry for the colours' quality. Bad scanner.

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Oh, this is so wonderful!! I love the colouration! So bizarre!
What is that tiny thing? A pile of laundry?
Smnt2000's avatar
It had to be somewhere
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Wow, I bet he gets all the lades! I can't really imagine him now without that sick crest and beard of pycnofibres,
Smnt2000's avatar
He's such a gigolo
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This is gorgeous 
Smnt2000's avatar
Thank you very much
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The eye of David peters did shed a crystal tear.
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I need to say, your art is teaching me of tons of new Dinosaurs. Thank you for teaching me this x3
Smnt2000's avatar
Oh my, thank you! Glad to hear you say that :D
Growliththepup's avatar
Hue, keep it up please xD

(i feel desperate for saying this, but can you do one of my faves? its a Diphliosaurus.)
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Hey I just realized you are on pteros!
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Ahaha yeah, I guess I was on the project too! I'll talk about it as soon as I can, so don't worry!
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Looks great!
One might ask himself how such an animal would fly with such thin wings lol
Smnt2000's avatar
Well, it depends on what that "thin"means - surely it didn't fly with a paper sheet-thin patagium
paleosir's avatar
I didn't mean thin as in thickness, but in how ''wide'' it was, it looks like it produces little lift.
But yeah, I'm sure it isn't that bad
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