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Tangled: Der Feldmarchall und die Dienstmadchen :iconsmle64:SMLE64 2 6
Rusty's Reunion
Billy Connelly was too excited to sleep. Tomorrow was his birthday, and his Great Grandpa had promised to take him to the hobby store and buy him any model he wanted. Billy loved building plastic models. Planes, cars, boats, you name it, if it was a model, he would build it. He would do a good job too. One of his models had even won a ribbon at the State Fair. His parents encouraged him because they saw his models as an “outlet for his creative energy”. They bought him supplies like paint, glue, and tools, and a nice airbrush setup. He eventually fell asleep imagining what kind of model he would get. The next thing he knew, his mom was waking him up.
“Rise and shine birthday boy. Breakfast will be ready soon.”
Billy dressed and hurried downstairs. Grandpa was sitting at the table, drinking coffee and reading the newspaper. His father had already left to go to work. Grandpa lowered the paper and greeted him.
“Mornin hotshot. You ready to go model shopping?&
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City Of Albuquerque Color by SMLE64 City Of Albuquerque Color :iconsmle64:SMLE64 1 0
Wind Maiden (Ballad of a Fortress)
(Wind Maiden)
In the Chosen Hall the torches burned,
The mead was poured and the meat was served,
While round the tables, the heroic throng
Made the rafters ring with boisterous song.
Then from above there came a roar,
A thunder fit to rival Thor.
The bragging host sprang to their arms,
And war horns raised the dire alarms
Odin stood up from his seat,
Gere and Freke cowering at his feet,
“What foe upon us this night flies,
That bellows out such frightful cries?”
Then though the doors flung open wide,
Brave Heimdall boldly strode inside,
“Stand easy my now comrades all,
For I sound not Gjallerhorn's fateful call!”
A hero comes from Midgard's, lands,
Not of flesh, but wrought by hands,
A warrior of the breathless air,
She comes this night to claim her chair!
Then though the gates, she flying came,
And Hugin and Munin cried of her fame,
On the central aisle She landed light,
And none could fail to know her
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Tangled: The Soldier's Story. Chapter Two
See Chapter One here:
The Soldier's Story. Chapter One
A week after the attempted assassination of the Royal Family, the King summoned Eugene to his private office. He got right to the point.
“Eugene, I’ve been thinking about your role here in Corona. I admit that the appointment as honorary Colonel in Chief was just a sinecure to give you some level of status. But now that I know about your military service, I’d like to give you a real command.”
“What do you have in mind?”
“What would you say to a Captaincy, and command of a Troop of the Third Horse?”
“I think I could handle that Sire.”
“Good. I’ll have your commission drawn up at once. Go ahead and report to Colonel Metford. I spoke to him, and he has a spot where he can use you.”
“Yes sir. Thank you.”
Eugene took his leave of the King, an
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Rapunzel's little brother...
A fast one shot. Rapunzel's parents lost much of themselves the night she was taken. But now that she's safely home again, many of those things are coming back to them.
It was the third night after Rapunzel’s return to Corona. The last two nights, the King and Queen had both gone to bed exhausted, but the second full day of celebrations had been less strenuous. The night had ended with a dinner party, and that party had included many toasts. The Royal Sommelier had brought forth an absolutely amazing mead, and the King had downed several glasses. The Queen had put away a fair bit herself. Normally, she only drank water, but this was too special an occasion. He reflected that it had been eighteen years since she’d enjoyed a party so much. It had been eighteen years since either of them had enjoyed ANYTHING so much.
The King was sitting on the side of the bed, lost in his thoughts, the Queen was behind her dressing screen. He heard her giggle
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Mature content
Tangled: The Soldier's Story. Chapter One :iconsmle64:SMLE64 3 5
Mort and Me
Mort and Me
Stories of Life and Death
By John K. Rodgers
© 2015. All Rights Reserved.
 Author’s Preface
    The stories in this volume are drawn in part from my experiences as an EMT & Paramedic working in Central New Mexico. They reflect a long-held idea of Death as an angel of mercy and kindness. My views of the personification of Death have also been shaped by the wonderful works of the late Terry Pratchett, whose Disk World character is one of my favorites in literature. I happen to believe in G-d, and am a convert to Judaism. I believe that G-d’s mercy in infinite, and G-d’s justice perfect, and there are worse things than being dead. I’ve seen them.
    I have been deliberately vague regarding place names, and people. Certain readers may guess correctly where the events of these stories take place, but they are still works of fict
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Owl Totem
                                                    Owl Totem
The owl is the bird of the mystery of magic, omens, silent wisdom and vision in the night. The owl is very symbolic and teaches powerful lessons. The owl's ears, eyes and feathers are extremely unique of its kind. The great horned, barn, barred, screech, short-eared and snowy owls all have their differences in physical abilities and personalities. They show what the totem could mean in deep ways.
The nocturnal bird, the owl, has an ancient aura of myth and mystery.  The owl was worshipped as an idol and hated as the reincarnation of the dead or the devil. The owl is a symbol of clairvoyance, the feminine, the moon, and the night; however, with its connection w
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OC Art Trade Journal
This is my Journal for the 2017 June sign up for the OC Art Tarde and Monthly Trades Group! :)
Name: Princess Marie Luise von Eggenberg

Date of Birth: December 2nd 1780
Date of Death: October 19th 1813

Age: 28-32

Height: 155 cm

Profession: Austrian Field Marshall during the Napoleonic Wars 
Marie Luise is the last living heir of the house of Eggenberg. She joined the Army aged 17 disguised as a man and was only discovered when she was already finished with military academy. Ultimately allowed to keep her position because of a lack of competent officers she was later even appointed a commanding General for the war of 1809 by the emperor. After being badly wounded at the battle of Wagram she was send back to Graz where she desperately tried to organize the Styrian resistance against the french occupation. She however ended up being captured and almost executed. After the emperor found out that she had withheld i
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Rapunzel - Destruction of the Tower by avitha101 Rapunzel - Destruction of the Tower :iconavitha101:avitha101 62 13




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