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Caesar - Roddy McDowall - Planet of The Apes



Roddy McDowall IS Caesar and this rebellious ape character was first introduced in the 1971 sequel, Escape From the Planet of The Apes (3rd installment in the POTA series) as an infant Caesar. In the 1972, Conquest of The Planet of The Apes (best watched uncut with gratuitous blood and people catching on fire) Caesar, now a young adult got a chance to develop more and become a rebellious ape revolutionary portrayed by Roddy McDowall. McDowall returned once again as a more sympathetic and peaceful Caesar in Battle For The Planet of The Apes (1973) - which the recent Dawn of The Planet of the Apes was a complete and utter remake of. 'Conquest' wasn't McDowall's first appearance in an 'Apes' film either. He played the major character of Cornelius, simian archaeologist and future father of Caesar, in the first POTA (1968 - based off of the novel) and once again in the third POTA, Escape From the POTA (1971). In the first sequel, Beneath the POTA, the character of Cornelius does appear however played by another actor. In 1974, McDowall returned yet again to portray a younger, more curious, and human sympathetic ape named Galen in the short-lived POTA tv series. 

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