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Pennywise Digital Colorwork- With Border



So a lot of you know, back in my hay-day of graphic design and coloring comic books... I digitally colored A LOT, mainly because it was my passion, what I went to school for, it's how I made some side money doing commissions, but more importantly it was my way of relieving stress and just zoning out.

It's been years since I've hit the Wacom Tablet to do a legit colorwork, but tonight I took a bit of time away from the metalworks to just, well... relax at the computer and have some fun :)

Now don't be too hard on me, again it's been a few years!

But a big shout out the the original artist who drew this badass Pennywise from Stephen King's It 2017... that badass artist is a local here in AZ and it's none other than Chris Wood of and

Hopefully he doesn't get too pissed at me for using his lines to color by number haha :)

Take care everyone and good night! ;)----------------~

Oh and Original Lines By Chris Can Be Seen Here! :…
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