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Will Herondale

Will Herondale with reference to Joshua Brand with his damn chiseled cheekbones and eyes DAMNNNNN. :iconimhappyplz:

I still havn't got over The Clockwork Princess. Cassandra Clare that amazing amazing magician.

I also drew
Tessa :

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This is my favourite art I´ve seen of Will yet this is just, EXACTLY how I imagined him, I absolutely love this <3 Joshua Brand is definetly my headcanon for him in real life!!
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I tried picking a favorite book and realized i loved the entire trilogy of infernal devices.  This is Phenomenal!!  Seriously this amazing!
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 OMG MY FUCKING GOD *_* -Dies-  Is soo sddfsgdfsa *w*
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OMG this is so amazing! I also love Joshua Brand as Will, he's totally perfect and your drawing is gorgeous :D
And CP2 really is heartbreaking, I mean, there was a happy ending, I didn't NEED to know Will would actually die ç_ç Everytime I reread it I try to skip the epilogue, but I cannot really leave a book unfinished and so all I can do is prepare myself for the upcoming tears.
I both love and hate Cassandra Clare for what she did to me D:

Uh, and looking at your other works it turns out that you're also the artist who made my favourite Jace drawing so far.
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Good Lord, I have fallen in love with a drawing. Well, I'm sure it was bound to happen. Awesome work!
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Y-you made my heart hurt.... *ledies*
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Oh Damn. Perfection.:happybounce: Heart Love :happybounce: :happybounce: Love Love Heart 
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This picture... startled me. The expression in his eyes are so full of mixed emotions, I can't even begin to explain what he must be thinking. This painting makes me wonder, makes me hurt for the boy who had to push the ones he loved away for over five years. He deserves love, the love he found in Miss Tessa Gray. Had he been crying after learning of her engagement to Jem? Was the rejection too much, had it pushed him over the edge? Where is Tessa? Is her palm still throbbing from the pain she brought upon herself with the fire poker? Did Sophie know right away what had happened, what had hurt Tessa beyond repair? Emotions are flowing through him like a tidal wave, a devastatingly fatal storm that will drown and suffocate him. His eyes are not seeing whatever is in front of him, they are replaying every moment with the girl he loves, every word she has ever spoken to him. He cannot forget. His memory rune, is now a blessing and a curse. This pain, this Tessa shaped hole in his heart, cannot be repaired. The love for this girl has brought the walls down, walls built to keep everyone and everything out of his mind, his curse that could kill those he loved. Will Herondale is perfectly described in this one still image, and i thank you for it. The way Jem is with his violin, the way he can paint a picture or tell a story with music, is how you have communicated this person through your painting. Well done. 
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Hey, did you know that Joshua found your fanart?

Just letting you know. lol. 

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 Oh my word, this is just perfect!
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This is amazing!
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I feel ya, my fellow fangirl. Now, please excuse me while I marvel at how amazing your drawing is. 
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You just captured him from my imagination and put him here. Nice :)
Love love love love!!!
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So Beautiful!!!! This is exactly how I imagined will to look like!!!! 
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No problem! You are so talented, keep up the beautiful work!!!
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The expression is perfection!
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Thankyou lovely :D
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this is beautiful, amazing work !
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Amazing eyes!
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