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Zephyr 2.0

The second version of the Rainmeter Suite here:…

Streamlined customization options.
Added text-based clock
Removed disk usage widget due to inconsistent behavior
Would not recommend visualizer especially for laptop users as it prevents machine from sleeping.

Wallpaper to be found here:
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Good Job! thanks

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Great Setup well done..:dalove:

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how do i decrease the size of the launchers

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How do I use it?

you need to download a program named rainmetter and than instal the file throught that program

does someone knows how can I make this work as a wallpaper? Is there any program that I need to use or something?

you have to dowload rainmetter.


Had to add a news reader! Thanks very much for this, really enjoying it.

This is a very cool suite. I have a little question: can we change the color of certain tittles (System Info and My Folders)? On the previous version, System Info and My Folder has separated tittle color, which makes it a bit easier to match with my wallpaper (and easier to see, too). In this version, I can only change the tittle color of Theme, and can't figure out how to change the other 2. Thank you in advance!

Hi, its a very nice setup, sorry to ask but how i have a little problem with the My folders skin, the option of Pictures doesn't send me to the folder, i hope you can help me.

I don't have that problem on my system. If you press Windows Key + R and enter "%userprofile%\pictures" and press enter, what happens? That's what the skin does, so if that's broken you may have another issue.

Exactly, at the moment of doing it, it doesn't appear in the drop-down list, and the same thing when doing it with cmd, i dunno what can be the issue.

oh wow that's the weirdest thing I've heard of. Can you browse to it manually in C:\users\<your user>\pictures? if that doesnt exist maybe it got deleted by accident (IDK how?).

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this skin compliments REALLY well with SysDash:

sysDash - A simple and clean system monitor skin

Very cool , thanks!

Is it possible to change the date language? I would like to change to my native language, if possible... how could I make this change?

Forget it man. I found how to change in a post on reddit. Thank you anyway.

Btw if someone wants to change the language just add this command under [measureDate] FormatLocale=pt-br <your language here

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