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Paul Bearer

William Alvin "Bill" Moody, otherwise known as Percy Pringle the third, or as the father of destruction Paul Bearer as shown here

Such an iconic character in the WWE/WWF, and a awesome figure to draw do to his unique appearance.

hopefully they will bring back his character + Undertaker for Wrestlemania, it would make for a memorable night.
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Your artwork has been added to PNT’s ‘Paul Bearer Memorial Wall’ @ the Undertaker Fan Club’s DeviantART outlet: [link]
R.I.P Paul Bearer...
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Will moody died this last tuesday.
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great man looks very nice :) can u please make one of the classic undertaker as well? ;)
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Absolutely love the color scheme on this.
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I figured a classic undertaker-ish blue purple would best suit paul bearer
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1) Amazing fucking job on this! The whole thing is just flawless and the colors go so well together.

2) When I look at his scrunched up mouth I can't stop laughing XD
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!!! :w00t: thanks! :hug: yah he has the most epic face poses ever
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Ooooooohhhhhhh yeeeeeeessssssss!!!

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Oooooohhhhh yeeeeaaaaahhhhh
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I love the blue overtone in this picture. Makes him look so demonic and cold :)
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:XD: thanks, i thought it looked better blueish purple than red, plus i cant help but associate Paul with Undertaker and thus think he looks better in his color scheme than Kane's for some reason :shrug:
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I can definitely see that. With the red and orange overtones, it's almost like they're trying too hard. But with the blue and purple, you can associate the cool colors with the chill of being in a cemetary. Does that make sense?
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yes i know exactly what you mean, color can really help to set mood
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