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The Rider's Lance (Petrine TF/TG/MC)
Fresh out of yet another semester of college, Paul was back home for the summer. Adapting to life back under the same roof as his parents was always a little weird, and it tended to lead to some irritation as every year he always ended up losing the autonomy college had accustomed him to. Oh well. He at least had the free time for more video games now.
At the moment, the young man was playing Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, an old favorite of his. Unfortunately for him, he was stuck. This run, Paul had been trying to use as many laguz, the shapeshifting animal characters, as possible, but they kept running out of transformation time at just the wrong times! Lethe had been set up just right to kill the Daein soldier with a counterattack, but it was all foiled because he forgot to keep track of her timer! The soldier instead managed to kill her in one round. It was starting to get him annoyed at laguz as a type. After his fourth failed attempt at the level, he shut off his GameCube and go
:iconsmithersonsmith:smithersonsmith 28 15
Open-Ended TF RP
If you've had any ideas you just really want to do and haven't had a chance, here's a place to do it.
No real prompt. Just making an open TF RP for your ideas.
Just a few restrictions just because I get disproportionately more requests for some things than I have interest in them:
No taurs, latex, extra body parts, or Pokemon (I do love me some Pokemon, but there's so much out there for it already). More might get added as I think of it.
Mature is only in notes.
:iconsmithersonsmith:smithersonsmith 2 600
Aerial Aspirations TF RP
Deploy arbitrary category precision strike!
So, the idea is that you, me, or both of us transform into characters from universes featuring anthropomorphic animal people and aircraft. Arbitrary? Yes. Do I care that it's arbitrary? Not especially....
Examples include:
Star Fox
Ratchet & Clank
Solatorobo/Tail Concerto
Tailspin (that's right. We aren't only limited to video game characters!)
A lot more currently slipping my mind.
Anyway, feel free to suggest games/whatever! I'll go with it if I'm at least moderately familiar with what you're talking about. If I don't.... probably not. Sorry that this is difficult!
Scenario 1:
You/I/We discover what seems to be a spaceship/airship/plane and check it out. Shenanigans ensue, via various possible means depending on character and stuff.
Scenario 2:
You/I/We are abducted by remarkably furry aliens? Or sky pirates. Or who knows what! It depends! Anyway, their schemes or research require some changes to you/me/us.
Scenario 3:
:iconsmithersonsmith:smithersonsmith 2 574
Command Structure (Sami TF/TG)
September, 2032
"September of '32? Uh... what happened that October? Oh! You know what it was? It was that mostly boring month, but with big shakeup in the command structure! [Chuckles] Yeah, that was a weird, crazy time."
-2nd Lt. Aaron York (Retired)
The turn of the month brought very little news for Bravo Company. Advances against the private corporation Domino Security had been stalled, and for the first time since before their training, Bravo Company had a little leisure time. A few rogue elements from the corporation had ended up behind Allied lines, so there was a little mopping up by a few of the company's strike forces, but for the first half of the month, activity was at an all-time low. The biggest occurrence was a hostage situation regarding a certain local politician.
"It was a fairly routine operation," explained Lieutenant Richards in an interview. "The house was crawling with Domino robots, you know? The walking drone type. Anyway, we needed to be stealthy to avo
:iconsmithersonsmith:smithersonsmith 17 5
The Student Ranchhand (Ilia TF/TG)
"Wonderful!" Eric spat out, his voice oozing with sarcasm. With a computer as old and finicky as his, the best policy was always to save his progress frequently. Steps like that, however, were often forgotten.
So now here Eric sat, the last three hours of paper-writing progress lost in a computer crash.
Eric put his head down on his desk, breathing slowly and heavily to try to resist doing anything rash to his computer. Why did nothing get to go his way? This was nothing like last semester, he woefully noted to himself. He had been so much freer to relax... so much less busy.
He'd spent the summer working at a nearby ranch, and volunteered as extra help well into the following semester. Any excuse to spend more time with their horses.... It really had been a blast. Now... not so much. This semester had not been kind to his pitiful attempts at keeping up with the schedule. Definitely no time for volunteer work.
Eric's discontented musings were interrupted by a knock on his door.... to h
:iconsmithersonsmith:smithersonsmith 36 10
Mature content
Video Game TF RP (Closed) :iconsmithersonsmith:smithersonsmith 3 2,245


Magical Jimmy Hoffa Stave by Virmir Magical Jimmy Hoffa Stave :iconvirmir:Virmir 78 2 Airborne Expectant Fuzzy or Scaly Motherhood Virus by Virmir Airborne Expectant Fuzzy or Scaly Motherhood Virus :iconvirmir:Virmir 160 34 Sluggish by Virmir Sluggish :iconvirmir:Virmir 80 13 Fertility Idol by Virmir Fertility Idol :iconvirmir:Virmir 218 22
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Deviantart Tg: Katy Perry (Suchaweirdo24) :iconcharoset:charoset 73 5
Shadowfox13 Dressmaker by Redflare500
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Shadowfox13 Dressmaker :iconredflare500:Redflare500 397 17
[CM] Devil's Mercy by SutibaruArt [CM] Devil's Mercy :iconsutibaruart:SutibaruArt 304 5
Women's Rights - Time Travel TG
"Remember, the final exam is on Monday!" the teacher called as we practically burst out of the room. The school day had just ended, and I was grateful for that. It had been a long, sluggish day, and I was looking forward to the weekend for just a little rest and relaxation, after which I would "review" my study guides for the history test (in other words, frantically cram during the long hours of the night while holding out any sliver of hope that it might do any good at all). This test would be over everything we had learned in the semester-long class, which was American history from 1860-1960, give or take a few years on either end.
As I arrived home, I proceeded immediately to my room and fell facedown on the bed. Mom wouldn't be home for another five hours, and Dad was out of town at a business convention, so I had the house to myself for a little while. Regardless of this "freedom" of sorts, I decided to take a nap for a little while.
The next thing I knew, I was jarred from my sl
:iconunderstandablycrazy:UnderstandablyCrazy 25 1
Symmetra  Overwatch TG - [Commission] by Gwyndolin115 Symmetra Overwatch TG - [Commission] :icongwyndolin115:Gwyndolin115 428 22 Realitybender42 Trade by SirSluggle Realitybender42 Trade :iconsirsluggle:SirSluggle 80 3 Ready Sis by Darkoshen Ready Sis :icondarkoshen:Darkoshen 426 21 Ramen TF 2 by Nerdyoulon Ramen TF 2 :iconnerdyoulon:Nerdyoulon 283 32 Ramen TF by Nerdyoulon Ramen TF :iconnerdyoulon:Nerdyoulon 382 67 Princess Madcapguy by Typhoon-Manga Princess Madcapguy :icontyphoon-manga:Typhoon-Manga 149 5 Pin Pals by Redflare500 Pin Pals :iconredflare500:Redflare500 275 11 House (wife) Spider Boi by Redflare500
Mature content
House (wife) Spider Boi :iconredflare500:Redflare500 287 10



smithersonsmith's Profile Picture
United States
I write tf stories and stuff occasionally. Also RPs sometimes. Hopefully it's entertaining!
Just a place to dump all sorts of semi-specific but totally unrelated types of TF RP! Note me or comment here for any of these options! (Only notes for mature.)

Types of TF for this:
Celebrity TG
Disney TG
Feral Animal TF
Inanimate TF
Mythical Creature TF
Fire Emblem TG (totally fits elsewhere but I am always happy to have it)

Side effects are negotiable. I enjoy most, and will consider all. Just please note if it's mature.


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