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Giveaway Contest ends today!!

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 31, 2017, 1:42 AM

Last day to participate for a chance to win a set of 2 signed posters!

All you have to do is share the FB post or retweet the tweet to participate.

Givaway-contestfb by Smirtouille

Rare Giveaway Contest

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 13, 2017, 4:13 PM

I always feel depressed on my birthday, for some reason...

But it's not just my birthday, it's also the 2nd year anniversary of Angels' Power. That's worth celebrating.
For the occasion (and I do this ever so rarely), I'm opening a print giveaway contest.
All you have to do is share the FB post or retweet the tweet to participate.
I ship both signed posters to the winner.
That's it! Good luck!

Givaway-contest by Smirtouille 

Help readers find Angels' Power

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 1, 2015, 11:56 AM

Hey there,
Today is the 1rst and that means the votes are reset on Top Web Comics. This is our occasion to make it up the list again, so please vote for Angels' Power today! :happybounce: 
Remember you can vote every 24 hours, once per each device that you have.


Journal Entry: Wed Oct 28, 2015, 8:56 AM

I made an Instagram.
Not sure how I will use it yet but I know it will involve a lot of Angels.

Thank you for the support!

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 25, 2015, 2:39 PM


Hey! Thank you guys for the response on the comic.
I'm touched by your lovely comments and appreciation, and even more thrilled by your support on Patreon! I hope this baby will be everything you want it to be.

Yesterday I finally put AP on TopWebComics for ranking. That means I'll need your votes on a daily basis. No need of an account, it takes only a couple clicks. But it can help me far in gaining visibility for this hard work.

Meanwhile, please enjoy these videos as a token of my gratitude.  I'll keep them popping!
*gets back to work on the pages.

Considering to offer Paintovers on Patreon

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 11, 2015, 6:45 PM

Hey guys,

I have a Patreon account opened to allow the fans to support the comic, if you didn't already know.
I'm considering offering paintovers as a reward, for people who enjoy my work for the tutorials and learning aspect.
Paintovers in itself don't take me an enormous amount of time. I do it from time to time to help out my friends. But I would like to learn how much I can handle in a month of time without hindering my work on the comic, if that makes sense.

So here we go.
Comment this journal with an artwork or WIP of yours that you would like some help on.
Be aware that a paintover is not a collaboration : I'm not painting your picture for you. A paintover is similar to a red line drawing, it's to help you improve on a piece of art that you feel you are stuck with or that could use improvement in your own eyes.
You will get my insight on your image in the form of a simple paintover with some notes, and for some of you I will record the paintover into a video with commentary that I will share with all.
I cannot guarantee that you will all get your paintover; that will depend on the amount of response, of course.

And then we'll see from there if this is reasonable. :)
Meanwhile you get a free paintover, so go ahead. xD


So here is a first shot at video paintovers.
Hopefully you can understand through my retarded accent.

A few words on fear.

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 10, 2015, 9:13 PM

A little over a year ago I had a conversation with my now ex-boyfriend. I think he had walked in the room without me hearing him, and seeing him startled me. To this reaction, he made me a very enlightened comment: "You are creating out of fear."
I looked at him in puzzlement for a while before I agreed. Yes, it seems, I create in a state of fear. Then he went on saying: "Look at what you have produced until now, and imagine what your art will be when you no longer create with your fear."
He said just that. At that point in our existence, that afternoon, this person understood more about my mind than I did myself. And he was never an artist. He is a brilliantly intuitive person who had the greatest impact in my life and whom I admire still.

At the time I couldn't see any other way to create. I have been blind for so long... I was lost in a set of mind which dictated that art should be made with endless hard work and pain. I don't recall exactly how this shift happened to me but it constricted me enormously and slowly made me a slave of my process. This was going on around in 2010. After I had painted frenetically over 500 pieces of art between 2007 and 2009, my productivity dropped dramatically. Each painting was so painstakingly long to produce that I had to select and choose carefully what I would paint. A horrible feeling since my imagination always spilled over my own head. I couldn't spend the exhausting amount of energy in anything I wanted.
I looked at work in a similar way that made any obstacle my doom. A very bad attitude for me and for others.

Slowly, things changed.
The past three years were very emotionally challening for me. I had to grow as a person and simultaneously my art grew with me, although I couldn't make much art those years.

Early this year I ended the relationship we were in and dedicated myself to my art only. It was not a painless choice, but I don't regret it. It took me months, but I could finally reconnect with my creativity and my passion for art, which had been transformed. And through a few more challenges it bloomed into something that seems new and old to me. All of a sudden, there are no longer obstacles, only challenges to play with. I'm having fun when I create. I want to draw things I've never drawn before. I have streamlined my process and at the same time it is new and fresh to me. It is faster than it's ever been, to keep my interest. It's more accurate then before, I understand better, I make better decisions. It's exilherating and I jump from one project to the next with eagerness, like I used to when I first picked up a tablet. I feel no pain. Except for those other wounds whom everyone who's loved share with me and everyone who's lost someone share with me. But to these my art is not responsible.
My art is my light again.

If on your art journey you are ever finding yourself trapped... If it's too difficult, too big, too much... Remember art-making does not have to be painful. It does not have to be driven by fear. It is hard work, yes, but you are not obliged to fear the work. Approach your obstacles playfully if you can, and make your effort painless. If you are playing while you're creating, you are learning. You are growing. You are getting better.
Strip the fear out of your art. Make yourself powerful.
You create because you love.

Portrait Commissions - Closed

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 30, 2015, 12:17 PM

Commissions are currently closed.

Hello comely people,

I am temporarily opening highly rendered portraits commissions of $200 worth. You will get the high-resolution file with it.
This counts for your characters, creatures, monsters, animals or anthropomorphic beasts.
See samples.

If you are curious or interested, contact me at smirt.illustration[@]

Morwannen by SmirtouilleHrannel by SmirtouilleBlaise by Smirtouille
The Dragons by Smirtouille

In the Shadow

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 12, 2014, 12:56 PM

My friend Stéphanie Clément's animation project.
Be warned, it's beautiful and horrifying.


Thank you.

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 23, 2014, 11:50 AM

I just want to say thank you for all the birthday wishes and tender words that you guys leave on my page from time to time. I read all your messages.
I've been extremelly busy for the past months with very little time for personal work and for myself. My birthday was spent working insanely from morning to late at night. No cake, but my loved one took the time to make me cookies.
Today I've successfully completed eight more illustrations for a client and I get a day to breath, which I'll spend cleaning my home, chilling and re-printing my portfolio for an interview. Good!

Before I disappear again, I'll leave some great art that other people have made. xD
Thanks to them for inspiring us.

Shark Isle by SourShade

Deralik General by ChunLo
Jace, Living Guildpact by chasestone
The Master by dominuself
Black Sun by Filipe-PagliusoRostam: work in progress by shanyar
Extinguish All Hope by chasestone
Door Of The Forbidden by RuanJia
Joan of Arc by DonatoArts

Some art I liked too much not to share this week...
Give them some love. More love.

Fflight by voitvDungeon by Filipe-Pagliuso
Okay maybe not the butt shot too much.
Jorn and the Demon by jameszapata
look beyond the horizon by voitv
Alps by rossdraws
A very small man can cast a very large shadow by RobotDelEspaciohusars colonel by mopasrep
Aghori vol : 1 Cover by NisacharThe Judgement of the Sphinx by EranFowlerThink on your sins by Jungshan
LIGHTNING RETURNS: Final Fantasy XIII Contest! by chrislazzer
Karametra's Favor by chasestone
Hitokiri Battousai by RAPHTOR
Above the Treetops by rossdraws
GG by huMAC

Angels'Power Continued

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 17, 2014, 7:11 PM

Yes, click on this!

Hey guys,

Not much here since I have little finished works to post yet.
I'm still working on rebooting my portfolio, creating a few commissioned illustrations and other side projects. I'm also teaching part time.
I've also been thinking about my comic and how to find a format that really fit my taste and style.
I'm starting to get where I want.
The website is being redesigned too. I've taken out all superfluous information that nobody read, made the design simple, archived the old work.
There is still work to do to complete the website (the cast page is currently empty) but it is nevertheless functional and you can read the newest pages.
A couple major updates: Evadrion is gonna be a woman. No explanation to give.
Then, instead of redrawing the beginning over and over, I'm going to take the script a little further in instead and continue from there.
That's all!

I hope that you guys can forgive me for learning and experimenting.
Follow our Facebook page for regular updates on the comic and other cool stuff, like, a sculpture. :p
Let me know what you think too.


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There is the recording of Rockface dragon.
For some reason it's starting at 01:00:41, not sure why.

I'd like to hear if you have suggestions for theme or technique you would like to see me recording. :)
Hello there,

How are you, guys?
I have been busy looking for work since May when I graduated. Happily I have been hired by my school and amteaching part time an introduction to digital drawing class, which is great fun. :)
I still need to update my portfolio with new and better works, as I feel that my portfolio is no longer representative of what I want to be doing. So I have a lot of work to do which is making Angels' Power progressing very slow. I am also considering to make AP a complete printed comic rather than a web comic. Still thinking about what to do with it.
I've been creating a lot of illustrations for Android Netrunner and I am eager to share them, even though that will not be before next year.

In the meanwhile I have updated all my social network pages. I have also downloaded Procaster again and will start to record videos again (and hopefully get better at it).

Facebook. Behance. Twitter. Tumblr. LinkedIn. Youtube
Have my first new video and couple tricks I used. :)
Angel's Power has a new home and it's back up:
I also created a Facebook page just for it:

Yeaay. :)

For those who enjoyed that Song by Two Steps From Hell that I shared a while ago, I have another glorious evilarious song to share with you. It's French, I couldn't find an English translation so I translated it for you the best I could. :D

An Evil God - Manau

(Stupid sounding teller's voice)
"Here is the story of a power-thirsty god who,
After having raised disturbance on earth,
Was jailed by the sacred druids of Dana.
But the prophecy tells
That he would rise again at the dawn of the second millennium.
Locked up in the catacombs, his time approaches..."

I am the Blackness, the dark, fasten to you like your shadow,
I am
your worst enemy,
the nightmare of your life, the time passing by your agony, smiling.
In fact, my goal is to trigger storms in the depths of your being.
I am your master, the only prophet! Come and read my tablets, you will be my adept therefore comply and before me bow your head!
I am a god, sleeping in the catacombs.
My awakening will expode in fury, you will see how sordid I am.
Now do not waste your time,
go, my child, get into the dark powers' ranks.

An evil god is sleeping in the catacombs. An hour or two before he possesses the world.
An evil god is sleeping in the catacombs. The druids locked him up in the kingdom of gloom.

I am the Evil, the impure, the lust master;
miserliness and sex are the pillars of my culture
So rest assured, I will be cruel because it is in my nature,
To throw all of my hate against the pure of soul,
Men, women and children,
All who oppose the power of darkness unleashing itself on earth at present
Because yes, as the prophecy tells, the tablets, the writings,
My heavy charge expires tonight: At last, the wait is over!
Centuries have passed; I have not learned to control myself.
My anger is full and I am enraged!
Humans will understand the wrath of a god from the past.

I have been locked for so many years,
Since I was condemned to wander as the damned
In Hell, feet down below, without a light,
In the kingdom of shadows where Lucifer reigns.
Now! My hate is so fierce against the men of faith
who dared to shut the fatal doors of Evil,
And inscribed in stone the druids' magical words
That served as my grave.

But I am coming and the world is swaying, you will not escape: I intoxicate myself on blood.
Now terror is your escort,
The realm of fear opens its doors.


I remain the copyright owner of the artworks that you commission, which means that you are not allowed to copy, modify, reprint or copy the artwork.

You may request a print of your commissioned artwork or any artwork presented in my gallery.


Traditional pencil drawings:
[Animal, hybrid and humanoid characters.]
° Pencil and/or ink 4.25*5.5 inches: 20 USD for the original, shipping included. Example here:…
° Pencil and/or ink 8.5*14 inches: 50 USD for a digital copy. 200 USD for the original (shipping included).
° Pencil and/or ink 14*17 inches: 100 USD for a digital copy. 500 USD for the original (shipping included).

Character busts:
[Animal, hybrid and humanoid characters.]
° Line work, no color: 30 USD
° Line work, flat color: 35 USD
° Full color, full rendering: 55 USD

+ Add an interacting character for 20-45 USD.
+ Add background for 40 USD.
+ Have your character(s) or background rendered in the special style for 45-75 USD.

Character full body:
[Animal, hybrid and humanoid characters.]
° Line work, no color: 50 USD
° Line work, flat color: 80 USD
° Full color, full rendering: 100 USD

+ Add each interacting character for 40-85 USD.
+ Add background for 80 USD.
+ Have your character(s) or background rendered in the special style for 70-150 USD.

Pet Portrait:
[Cats, dogs, horses, birds, ...]
° Photo-realistic, head shot: 50 USD
° Photo-realistic, full body: 100 USD
° Fantasy: 150 USD

Illustration, scene work:
Including the high-definition file and some copyrights. Book cover, cards.
500 USD

People Portrait:
° Photo-realistic: 300 USD
° Stylized: 500 USD

NEW Your character as an Angels' Power personage: NEW
° Flat color, full-body: 90 USD
° Full color, full-body in the style of the comic: 200 USD

To get your character as an A'P personage, first:
1. Read about Angels' Power universe:…
2. Choose your character's race: Angel:… - Diabolic:… - Dragon:…
3. Send me a note with your character's description, a visual reference if you have one and the race you choose.
4. Let me pick your characters' attributes based on the race you choose and your character's original description. (For example: If you picked Dragons and your character is effeminate, he/she will be an outcast Classic. If she/he has no magical power; a Dépourvu and so on. It will affect your character's special attributes.)
5. Let's go!

All commissions are digital. You will receive a high definition JPG file of the finished artwork after complete payment.

I ask for half the payment when I start and for the second half when the artwork is completed and validated. If you ordered a print or an original, I will ship it after the payment is completed.
I prefer PayPal.

I recorded 6 hours of work on the sixth page of my webcomic. Sorry about the glitchy video. If you have suggestions for a decent free screen-recorder software, I'll be happy to hear about it!
It took me 10 hours to complete this page. The video is sped up 4x.

Angels' Power updates on Facebook:
And Tumblr:

Photoshop CS6, Wacom Intuos3, right hand, brain.
Hey guys,

There will be no page 7 today for Angels' Power. It's okay though, there will be one in the future. The page is currently in progress and looking good.
The reason I'm publishing this project the way that I do is to share and to learn. I have received many constructive and useful insights on my pages, whether the comments were given here, CFSL or Ter Aelis. They are all extremely useful and make me enthusiastic.
I can see how my first five pages can be improved and it is early enough for me to decide to correct them. (Less manageable if there were 35 pages already done) So I want to take advantage of that. I'm in the process of re-writing the first and second scene of my script and taking the story boarding from scratch. For that reason I cannot complete page 7 today.
I will be re-uploading the pages starting from page 1.

I can tell you so far that Angels' Power will be far over a 100 pages total.
The script is 95% completed, keeping room for improvement. There are over 25 scenes, each susceptible to become 4-20 pages of art.

Updates of Angels' Power are now on Tumblr:
I don't know what else I'll put on there yet.
Angels' Power updates on Facebook:
Official website:…

°Would you be interested to read the rewritten script for the scenes 1 and 2?
°Would you like to see the work-in-progress for the new pages?
°Or do you prefer to be surprised?

Ter Aelis

Features Game 2

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 25, 2013, 11:34 AM

Hey I feel like another feature game with you. :)
We're going to see everyone's art taste, I want to discover some art!
Here are the rules:

1. Pick three different artists that you like most and share their best artwork in your comment (that's 3 artworks per comment).  
2. If you'd like, tell me why you like these artworks so much. Do not share my art or yours.
3. If you comment, I'll  pick the artwork I like the most from your favorites and feature it in this journal.

How does that sound?

gobinde mukande by noisecraft Skinstrip mask by Puzzels Bugs of Battle by nelson808 Infierno. El averno no perdona by Dibujante-nocturno 050110 warrior by knaicha IPL Altaria vs Gyarados by Leashe

Mature Content

La fee by CyrilBarreaux

Mature Content

Counting from zero by nailone
price by Wavesheep Snake Woman by raiu-alive :thumb349208110:



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