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The Grainne

By Smirtouille
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We're funded and onto our second stretch goal! Let's make it happen!
This artwork is available as an exclusive print on Kickstarter only for two more days!! I'm not printing it again as a standalone print so it's going to be very rare. :O…
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I'm looking forward to when her and Eva's paths cross. Eithne the calculating trickster and Eva and her thick-headed honesty. Plenty of drama there but also some great moments of humor and levity. Keep up the awesome work!

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Aw man I can't believe I missed this! :( Would have absolutely backed this. Beautiful art as always! 
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Awesome! Happy to hear that you got this funded!!
You deserve so much more attention with your work.

This image is cool! Love how you painted the liquid...
There is also some crazy surreal element in it.. not sure if its intented though...
to me its like forground and background melt into eachother, the head and hand of the person into the water, the creature in the water could be just a reflection but also might be underwater and coming out of it... 
is that even water or something else

the way you paint anatomy is so good!
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Your interpretation fits very well since she's a shapeshifter and the reflection is another aspect of her. They wouldn't appear both like this at the same time of course, but I wasn't too concerned with realism. Her being a reflection and mildly coming out of the water is also fine. She's a trickster and always comes out from places she is not expected so I like it. The kind of surreal poetry we can do through painted images sometimes. : )
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Ahh yea, that makes a lot of sense now. Cool!
Btw. Is there any other way to suport your Kickstarter than through Kickstarter?
I dont have a credit card :( 
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You can share the page. :)
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Cool dragon.

What is that she's holding, a laser spear or something?
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No, a angel feather.
Guardian-of-Urk's avatar
Oh. That's a looong feather.
Wyzzel's avatar
Aye their wings are very tall!
Guardian-of-Urk's avatar
Got to be big enough to lift a Human.
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