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I figured my brushes were different enough from the previous years so, here they are, with a few eyes I've been drawing recently. :)
Have fun!
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Thanks -

lovely technique

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Thanks! I've been looking for such brushes for a long time)

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Waaaa I just randomly found this, and didn't know about your free brush set.....Bad me :P now I'm so downloading this plus telling Jenna about this. 

Words from Jenna now.....Heck Yeahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
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thank you for sharing your brushes
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Thanks for posting these!
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These look great :D Will definitely have a play around
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Thank you very much! I can't wait to give em a try!
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thank you so much for sharing, I will use it to train my painting skill :)
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thank you for sharing
Really pretty :) 
Looking forward to trying them out~
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Un énorme Merci ;)
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// Hugs you viciously//
Thanks for sharing!
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awesome thanks~!
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Everything you do make me love your brush strokes. So powerful 
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Love your brushes <3 They always push me to be more creative when it comes to textures and such! So much fun ^.^
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I'm glad you think so! /o/
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