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Sky Battle

By Smirtouille
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Can't find any good titles for this type of things.
The finished piece!

Close-up here:…

I'm creating a webcomic of Angels' Power! :happybounce:
Read it here on DeviantArt.

Authorities That Be by Smirtouille Angels' Power - Page 1 by Smirtouille
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I'm very glad you put that link there. Thanks! XD
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Lmao, you're welcome.
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EPIC scene! La la la la I love your wings and demon style very much! 
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ooOOOOOO Is this what you meant when Eva was a dude before?
Smirtouille's avatar
Yep, yep! Pretty much. :) Here, check out her first character sheet.
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ooOOOOOOooo so badass looking
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an angel, a devil, and a fallen angel?
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that doesn't make any all...if you were trying to insult me you FAILED big time.
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that is seriously cool
EsebeiDoran's avatar
Michael vs Lucifer?
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Evadrion versus Balan.
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Talk About that Compostion!!!! You were Definitely Thinking about it At the Time of this!
Impressive work
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Hello! This Picture is in the group AllCreaturesWelcome. I am looking through the Gallery trying to find wonderful art, and came across this. I was wondering if i could use this picture for the video I am making to show others this awesome group! I will use your deviant art name so any one who watches my video may know who it belongs to. I would love to feature this piece in the video. Thank you!
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Hi tamaraariel,
I'm find with that as long as it's credited. Please link me to the video when it's done.
tamaraariel's avatar
I sure will! Thank you!
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We need to have this available for $$$$.
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this is absolutely amazing
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This is simply breathtaking!
amazing work! the detail is just so beautifully done! <3
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