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Sensitive Touch

By Smirtouille
So this was the... This is a...
It's ma entry for SlashTHREE artpacl 14#, had for theme Cirque Des Couleurs (meaning circus of colors).
I tried something and style that I don't usually do, no black and no details and much textures.
And about the subject... I have no idea what he's doing or where his hand is going, neither why the woman doesn't have any arms or if she's laser farting, gonna kill the imprudent man, I don't know.
You choose what the story is about, lol.

I don't know what to think about it.

Artpack: [link]

PS: Doesn't need a warning, right? It's almost abstract.
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It is very powerful image! Artwork brings great number of associations and it needs no explanation. It is simply new direction in art.
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Absolutely fantastic *A*
musule's avatar
I love it. I feel like if they were made with some material I know but I dont know what is it ... haha I really like it. great job :D
Bahji's avatar
oh, the colors...
nylki's avatar
I totally love it! Thats a piece I'd totally buy as a big print!
wynnter89's avatar
fantastic use of colour
undercanvaswraps's avatar
I really like it. The colors and sense of movement are great.
Modern-Prufrock's avatar
I was, like, Oh, that's really interesting... whoa, his hand.

Then I read the description and I cannot unsee the laser farting. It jumps out at me before anything else now.
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silvercherry's avatar
i dont know waht this means :,D but i like the colorscheme so much
VandaBovina's avatar
Great colours, and very sensual ;) I like it
fightingfailure's avatar
I like the lazer farting.
ErikShoemaker's avatar
great piece dude, I so love the colors.
MissMaddyTaylor's avatar
So gorgeous!

I wonder what that man is up to :)
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Syphilis360's avatar la coouuuuuuulleuuuuurr!!

Longue vie à Véronique Meignaud!

Ca te va très bien!
and the story is about a s a m dungeon for abstract pervert people,she paid that guy to do that for her and he's the best in the business... im working on something like that for your birthday birthday girl mhahahaahahahahaaahah[link] [link]
madtenka's avatar
I love the textures and colors.. awesome!
we should play grab ass some time lol
novaheaven's avatar
Not sure what this exactly is, but i really like it, especially the colors.
you had me at laser fart.
cocoaflannel's avatar
I love the textures
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