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Prologue - Cover

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Sorry for posting late today, I was working on pages up until 4am last night and didn't have the brains to post right after xD

As I said previously, I'm re-doing the Prologue. The old intro is gone, you'll have to deal with it. Here is the new cover art for it. (Not the whole volume art though, that one is still in the making). The new Prologue is going to be 42 pages long, that's going to take a while. It'll update thrice a week for the following three months and then... We'll be going to Kickstarter to print the completed volume, which is, I must say, just about 300 pages long with all the Patreon exclusive accounted for. I'll all together as one volume. In the meantime, there is a trailer video and free goodies to snatch

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