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November 3, 2015
First Directiveless by Smirtouille has an insane amount of details and the lights make it very exciting.
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First Directiveless


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Since The World of Android book was announced, I can show this work I finished back in April this year. It was meant to represent a futuristic, overpopulated Los Angeles.
The most challenging illustration I got to work on so far and it was a major step forward for me, in terms of skill and confidence for beginning my comic.

If you are an Android Netrunner LCG fan, this artwork is available as prints and more on my RebBubble store, along with most of my Netrunner card art.

The World of Android:…

Step by step:
Step by step - First Directiveless by Smirtouille

If you like epic stuff, check out my web comic:
Angels' Power - Chapter 1 by Smirtouille Agathron by Smirtouille Angels' Power - Pages 32-33 by Smirtouille
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Having maintained complete radio silence for several hours, Commodore Thyme ordered a reconnaissance mission and personally chose Harmony Staires for the job. Harmony was the younger sibling of famed time agent Infinity Staires and carried a storied pedigree as such. Infinity, the wildly famous and decorated time agent from Chronopolis, was now President of the United Nations. Her younger sister would in no way benefit from such a connection and neither she nor her sister would have it any other way. The mission was dangerous and Harmony -at the tail end of her trainee stage- was up to the task. A bubble jet escape pod was readied for launch and Harmony strapped in tight. For the occasion, Commodore Thyme opened an ornate box carved by her mother, the famed Queen of a medieval nation and now wife of Dr. Benjamin Binder. Inside the box was an amazing pearl-handle polaser, the most powerful laser of this or any time. Harmony reached for the box and held it to her breast. She looked at the Commodore with moon eyes and mouthed the words, “Thank you.” In a second, the cap was closed and the pod was off in a cascade of a million fine bubbles. Several miles away, a small group of very wealthy priests and priestesses sat sunbathing on a remote beach, small giggling children, running around them in circles. A gasp went up from the group as an object suddenly surfaced and rocketed off into the distance. Harmony held the pod close to ground level and under the radar for the whole trip inland, eventually leaving the ground level after reaching the chosen vantage point. She confirmed the location and tilted the pod straight up 90 degrees, climbing the wall of the skyscraper building and hugging it like a pelican hugs the ocean surface. Back on the beach a crowd had now gathered around the chattering families, who were calling the pod a UFO. This story later wound up in the very sophisticated tabloids of the day. Upon cresting the 150th story, Harmony set the pod on a small ledge and stepped outside for a look out over Kaleidoscope City. She began commenting and recording, and with a tap on her shoulder-worn apparatus, creating a holograph for future research and examination. Back in the time ship, the power came back on all at once, but electronic silence was maintained due to the Commodore having ordered all systems be shut down as soon as they settled on the bottom. For now, they would all wait in silence.