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Fallen Angel in the Rain

By Smirtouille
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The campaign is in its final hours:…

It's funded, reached all stretch goals. This artwork will be added as a print to every print package and higher.
As a digital wallpaper and the full art process on video with comments is added to every tier.

This is the cover artwork for Chapter 7 of Angels Power. It's Azazel in the rain, dismayed at whatever you're doing.
No release date, I am still on hiatus for another job. But damn it felt good painting this. I miss working on this comic, can't wait to get back into it.
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Guardian-of-Urk's avatar
And you decided to take on the challenge of texturong wet feathers?! How do you even-
Eden-West's avatar
My favorite lad. I'm so happy that your next kickstarter was funded! I want to see this series ... 'rise?' :D 
Panartias's avatar
Woah - simply fastastic!
STLOrca's avatar
How do you keep creating these fantastic pieces? It seems almost effortless (but I know all about the blood, toil, tears and sweat that go into them)!
Wyzzel's avatar
This wings ... woooaaaamazing work! I like Azazel the most of all your angels. Glad to hear that you want to get back into your comic. I love it and I thought you had stopped it. 
Smirtouille's avatar
It's on pause. I'll be able to resume it at some point, the story is not over.
Wyzzel's avatar
Thanks, I know and I´m looking forward to it! :) (Smile) 
Smirtouille's avatar
Me too! I find myself missing that page-a-day routine a lot.
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ellierokz's avatar
how do you tell the difference between a fallen angel and a normal angel in your series?
Smirtouille's avatar
Reputation and who they ally with.
DunkleMaterie's avatar
Glad to see you are still here and kicking. =)
And that you still find the time to do Angelspowder. ;)
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