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Authorities That Be

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Aaand launching!
Here is the cover for Angels Power Season I : Authorities That Be.
The webcomic will be updated thrice a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, on the official website as well as DeviantArt.

You can read us on Tapastic.

Make sure to like our Facebook page to be made aware of every new page and special content:

Take a look at our Patreon page if you'd like to contribute in any way.

Thank you for the birthday wishes!Hug 
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Arineange's avatar
Great illustration it looks wonderful ! :heart:
scorpioisp69's avatar
Very nice work would love to hear how u got started with your web-comic
artReall's avatar
WoW! what a coincidence! I just finished reading Penryn & the End of Days trilogy to log on DA and notice this!:)) will had to bookmark &read on my tablet later!XD :))

btw are you by any chance on webtoon?XD if not yous should seriously check it out!XD ;))
Smirtouille's avatar
Very cool! I'm not on Webtoon but I'm on Tapastic:…
AquibH's avatar
I love your work!! Its just awsm!! I have soo many stories going on my head, but i wish my artwork could just be atleast close to you!!
I just can't explain how much i liked it!!
Maria-Yamada's avatar
MassiveFace's avatar
Wow, always loved your work and felt there was a strong narrative to it, chuffed to see it in one big awesome story! Amazing work, thanks for sharing with the interwebs. :)
yakkingyetis's avatar
congrats its finally out ! just wondering why not use a web comic site to post? it may be better because there is already a huge audience .  .
Smirtouille's avatar
More control, I would guess. And I'm not too familiar with any of them.
yakkingyetis's avatar
oh this is mine link on tapastic .. my art isn't good but u can get an idea of how it works -
the good thing is that u have a huge audience there . . usually the good comics there get bought over and move cos they are scouted
but they still retain the totally control over their comics just that they get paid decently 
Smirtouille's avatar
I think I will publish on there as well, at the very least to have a good support for mobile devices. And then I might use it to upload a French translation of the comic as well. But only if I can't learn quick enough how to add that with code, ah.
yakkingyetis's avatar
haha ill follow you there :D
i think its good to get an audience 
yakkingyetis's avatar
subbed :D 
maybe i'll feature u soon when i can put it in
Smirtouille's avatar
That would awesome and generous. :D
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zathraya's avatar
Nice!   Looking forward to the comic. :)
Smirtouille's avatar
Thanks! I'm eager to share it.
kopfstoff's avatar
impressive expression!
Smirtouille's avatar
Thanks! I'm glad you think so.
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Smirtouille's avatar
You have quite the repertoire!
Mintyd0t's avatar
Looks really cool
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