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Angels Power

By Smirtouille
This artwork is now available as a print at Society6:…

One of the several angels works I have in my closet is finished. Those are personal works I'm doing for a long-term personal project, aside other things. Since it's so very long I might not talk much about it yet. There are some artworks I won't show either to keep a little suspense.

About Angels Power:
Angels are very mean when it's about defending others territory, lol. Against diabolics they have such destructive imagination...
It's not so common for diabolics to fly though it happens that they do. Just for pleasure of contradiction they reversed their wings. Lucief goes in his female body and changed of armor for the regular black leather and improbable showing-off diabolic helmet. (I might want to paint some of them, it's very representative of their being) He also put his wings higher in his back. He leads the charge with a big smile, he's not afraid of the "not-impressed" angel expressions because they're really just horny pricks after all. ("pfuh! I fix you with one hand")

I'm creating a webcomic from this painting! :happybounce:
Read it here on DeviantArt.

Authorities That Be by Smirtouille Angels' Power - Page 1 by Smirtouille
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Tu as un nouveau lecteur
More Layton Icons [F2U]Beau travail ! 
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Merci beaucoup et bienvenue!
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Another amazing epic szene and I enjoy this very much! The floating dust, the beautiful wings, the emotion part of angels Pose and aggressive dynamic from Lucief! It´s absolutely stunning! I think I've fainted. 
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This piece of art is beautifully EPIC!!!I think I've fainted. 
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Soon in my collection
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amazing point of view
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absaloutly sutnning O:!
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I love the piece firstly because it tackles the angel demon relationship.
I only wish we could have seen the smile on Lucief's face but the helmet is blocking it.
I can see a lot of the angels wings but I would have loved to see more of Lucief's wings but they kind of get cut off. The armor is great and I do think the helmet is the best part of the armor.
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I love how you have captured the Angel above, that his very essence exudes his strength, no need to hide behind armour. The Dark angel could be less hidden and shown more for his true essence which could exude pure ugliness or evil strength be seeing him for what he truly is and not covering him up. Not that he has to be "Ugly" but by the way he would expose his true self would betray his dark inner self. Love the over all look though!
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Really Powerful Image , Thank you Love it
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your too good! i love your work :D
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Wow. This is some pretty awesome angel /demon art work.

'He leads the charge with a big smile, he's not afraid of the "not-impressed" angel expressions because they're really just horny pricks after all.'

LOL. Love this. :D
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First off this is really good I congratulate you on your work.

I like how you darkened the face, and the area below of the white winged angel. It draws my eye over to the black winged angel.

I love how you have made parts of the black winged angel's armor bright, which again draws my attention to her.

I don't know if you don't want attention on the white winged angel, because the whited out background behind him and the blue sky behind the black winged angel, again draws my attention to the black winged angel.
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This looks stunning.
Amazing n nicely done *bows* u r a god of art
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This is very nice! I like the dark and light effects.
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Awesome and very stunning. Always loved these themes, very good work. -: O)
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i <3this pic and thanks for the fav!
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:D wonderful! I really like the light behind the angel, (maybe you could do like streaks of light come around him? (just and idea, sense it is pretty amazing now) :D I like it, fun to try and interpret each detail.
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whoah whoah whoah beautiful!
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