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Space ship, civil ship 2

Space ship, civil ship: dark side.

These and other models can be purchased here:…
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...even better in black.
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What is the reflective surface underneath the ship?
sometime man you gotta do the absolution from toonami 
wow nice , you make some nice ships.
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Super Picture, top Work :) (Smile)
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i like this version because you can see the windows and where the good views are
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wow this ship si more of a carrier
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What's the capacity of this ship?
I would love to use this for a Proof of Concept poster with credit if possible? :) It's so awesome!
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Brilliant ship. Used it here…

Sorry for not figuring out the linking yet. It's late here :)
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I'm interested in using this or a similar design in a sci-fi webseries I've currently writing/directing. Email me @ and we'll discuss ideas. We're looking for an artistic designer for the sets, ships, weapons, etc. and I've been looking at your work and think you might be a good fit! 
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This is great I'm really impressed. I was wondering what is your process of creating something like this? Software Used? I really want to be to create things like this in the future. Thanks
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Wish it was real.
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That's an awesome looking design dude
Hi, I think this is an amazing job you've done. I'm doing a mock book cover for fun purposes only. Do you mind if I use this with credit and link back?
Thank you so much. the image can be found here.
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Hi there. I just found this awesome piece of a space ship and wanted to ask you, if it's okay if I can use it? My friends and I are playing e-mail-RPGs and I was looking for a cool ship which indeed it is. It would be shown in a pdf, which is part of the chonology of our RPG - of course with credit to this link.
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Love the design. :)
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Sort of looks like air force one
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Thats beautiful, the Uv mapping in 3ds max any good?
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