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For the last few days I've been sick with a nasty cold. One of my friends recommended that I check out Otaku-Streamers.com in case I needed a break from studying and sleeping. According to this friend and a few others who use Otaku-Streamers, this is one of the few streamers out there that is legal. It is a forum that you sign up to and then you can watch as much free anime that they offer or chat in the forums about the anime you're watching. They don't ask for payments or money; granted, if you're willing to donate money they do appreciate it since they are run through donations. What's nice is that all of their anime and cartoons are licensed so the artists are being paid for their work. The subtitles for anime are provided by other members who are willing to spend the time to do so.

I recommend checking it out if you want to watch a legal streaming website (because many are illegal) that also doesn't have commercials. Here is to a list of anime they provide ( otaku-streamers.com/anime/ ) and here is the homepage of the website ( otaku-streamers.com/index.php ). Remember otaku-streamers.com!

P.S. You can find me as DanceThyria.
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