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[DotW] Terah | Omega of Highvalley



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Name: Terah

Nicknames: T

Pronounced: tehr-uh

Meaning: Wanderer

Origin: Hebrew

Current Age: Young Adult


Pack: Highvalley

Rank: Omega

Task: None

Blood Class: High Blood


Playlist: coming soon!





Gender: Female

Height: 33.6”

Weight: 92 lbs

Build: Terah is slim, built for traveling quickly over long distances rather than for hunting or battle. Her fur is long and flowy,

but rather thin and coarse. Long, thin legs give her an elegant stride whenever she moves, almost acting like a gentle

breeze running over the ground.

Voice Actor: coming soon!





Father: Mezer

Mother: Mitra

Siblings: None (Open)



Sheffield (Grandfather) | Oruz, Durzin, Ragnor (Uncles) | Leoptica, Evander, Tsuii, Tollek, Chartreuse, Rabbit, Klaus, Sveta, Ava, Vladimir, Nike, Mosrael, Shardae (Cousins)


None (Open)





[ peaceful | loyal | prejudiced | petty | tidy | conceited | collected ]


Personality Type: TBA!


From the moment anyone meets Terah, they can see just how peaceful she is. She hates any sort of conflict, especially

physical violence, and avoids it at all costs. Even the way she speaks is very gentle and friendly. Through most troubles,

Terah can stay cool and collected, keeping her composure and more often than not try to talk her way out of a situation.

However, she is incredibly petty. If someone does her wrong in any way, she will constantly hold it over their head and remind

them should they step out of line again.


Terah is incredibly biased when it comes to those around her. She assumes all low-bloods are tainted and dirty and wants absolutely

nothing to do with them, and is disgusted by outsiders (#highvalleyforever). Due to her high-blood heritage, she is very conceited.

She thinks that everyone should bend to her will and constantly seeks the attention of those around her. Because of how highly she

thinks of herself, Terah is neat and tidy about herself and everything around her. Her den is always kept clean and organized, she always

takes time out of her day to tend to her personal hygiene, and keeps her fur the best looking it can possibly be.


When it comes to her pack, Terah is doggedly loyal. She will always put their needs and well being before her own, and has a high

sense of duty. Terah will put aside her own health and happiness if it means it’s for the betterment of Highvalley and her family.


Minor Traits

Traits that Terah possesses, but are not as prominent as the others.


[ calculating  | sophisticated ]




Terah was born into a high blood, elegant life. Father a brother to the Queen, he was wed to a foreign beauty from a Southern pack purely for political purposes. While they never held any romantic feelings towards one another, they grew to care for each other and became lifelong friends. It was through them that Terah came to be. She had an elegant and pampered life, catered to her every need by her parents. They raised her to be proper, wise, respectful, and dutiful.


When Terah came of age, her parents expressed their wishes to arrange a marriage for the young she wolf. While she knew it was her duty to continue the bloodlines and help the pack in any way she could, she still wanted a bit of freedom, and made a deal with her parents. She would temporarily leave Highvalley for a year to travel, and if that time she was not satisfied with her life, she’d return home and agree to the arrangement.


Loner life proved dull. She hated being alone, hated having to do everything herself. It was nothing like she had expected. So when a year passed, she held to her word and made the trek home. But when she came onto Highvalley’s borders, she was greeted with a great wall of water. All Terah remembered was tumbling around, mouth filling with water, before her head collided with a large log and she lost all consciousness.


When she came to, Terah had been carried further into Highvalley territory, destruction laid out all around her. The once beautiful and luscious mountains now were brown and muddy, water stretching out in every direction she looked. She tried to move, but the lower half of her legs had been submerged in a thick mud, trapping her.


She shouted and wailed, hopping, begging, that someone would find her before it was too late.





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September 2018



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Speed: ••••••○○○○ (6 / 10)

Strength: •••○○○○○○○ (3 / 10)

Stamina: ••••••••○○ (8 / 10)

Agility: ••••••○○○○ (6 / 10)

Endurance: •••••○○○○○ (5 / 10)

Stealth: •••○○○○○○○ (3 / 10)

Social: •••••○○○○○ (5 / 10)

Intelligence: •••••○○○○○ (5 / 10)


Contact Preference:

Discord - smimley #9879

Timezone - Central Standard Time


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