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[DotW] Mila | Chandor

a marinara baby whose name is unofficially meatball

 9/6/2018 - She has aged into a juvenile! Art and personality updated accordingly
12/5/2018 - Young adult update! her design has been modified slightly (basically changed a few gradients), her unruly fur has settled,
and a couple scars have healed up!
9/17/2020 - Ref art update after a long ass time frame. I ended up changing the placement of her face scar as I realized that she and Renae have scars in the same place. so it was moved down a bit and below her eye rather than in the front corner of her eye
2/1/2021 - Changed over to the new app art and added some little clarifications for her design. As well, a personality overhaul! She's relatively still the same, but as I've plotted for her and written for her I decided to change a few things around
New *2/10/2022 - I always hated her previous app art update, so finally got around to updating it. much happier with this one!! also ya girl is a gamma now (8

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Name: Mila
Nicknames: --
Pronounced: mee-lah
Meaning: Gracious
Origin: Polish

Current Age: Young Adult
Starting Age: Pup
Birth Season: Summer

Territory: Chandor
Rank: Kumu (Gamma)
Task: Owl Totem (Storyteller/Culture Keeper)

Playlist: Click me!

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Gender: Female
Height: 32.5"
Weight: 80lbs
Build: Mila has all sorts of disporpotionate features of her as a pup. Her ears are short and wide, and will remain so as she ages. For a pup, her legs
are rather long, so she isn't exactly graceful when she walks. Due to the thicker, heavier fur on her chest and neck, her front half is heavier
than the back half of her.
Health: Due to her mother being severely ill during the pregnancy and development of the pups, Mila has developed a birth defect.
She was also born severely underweight and weak.
Laryngeal paralysis. Any sort of physical activity that causes her breathing to become heavier and more frequent will result in her struggling to get enough oxygen and causes her to have labored and wheezing breaths. On occasion, if she pushes herself too far, Mila will collapse.
New * Small scars on face and both sides of her body from her accident.

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| KIN |

Immediate Family: Dayanara (Mother), Navindru (Father), Mirakel (Sister, litter mate), Makenna (Sister, litter mate),
Eustace (younger brother), Faucon (younger sister), Ataw (younger brother)
Other Family: Venus (Paternal second cousin)

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Orientation: Heterosexual?
Past Experience: None

Mate: None
Past Mates: None

Love Interests: ????
Past Love Interests: None

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Personality Type: The Campaigner - ENFP

[ curious | blabbermouth | empathetic | obnoxious | social butterfly | naive  ]

Mila is often consumed by a natural curiosity about the world around her. Between the few teachings her mother provided about herbs and healing and befriending the loner Braigiel, a newfound spark of wanderlust has begun to burn in her chest. Slowly, Mila has come out of her shell of fear, and now wants to explore and learn what the Domain has to offer. When she does discover something new, Mila really just cannot shut up about it. She wants to share her newfound knowledge with everyone she can and give them all the details she possibly can, hoping they too will share an interest in it. Mila as well is always willing to lend a listening ear if someone else shares the same sort of enthusiasm for this subject, and is eager to learn what they know.

In the same sort of line, Mila always puts other’s needs and feelings before her own and offers a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on should anyone feel comfortable enough to approach her with their issues. Even if they do not wish to speak, she is always willing to just be a comforting presence and be there to help them through it. However, in doing so, Mila tends to neglect her own problems and emotions. She never deals with her own issues, and always pushes them off to the side and keeps a smile on her face. She’s always been the happy-go-lucky one, so she has to keep that persona no matter what, right?

Mila will always try to keep herself surrounded by others, preferring the company over being alone. She wants to befriend as many wolves as she can, and in doing so, puts too much trust into others too quickly. Mila wants to believe that everyone has good in them no matter what, and that everyone can be redeemed. She is unfortunately quick to forgive, and easy to manipulate. Though she is not a dominant or aggressive wolf, Mila is not submissive either. She will stand her ground and be stubborn at times, but she generally does not prefer to take leadership roles or try to control others.

Misc Personality Facts:

♦  Mila almost always has a smile on her face, real or not.

♦ It takes a lot to upset Mila. She always tries to stay positive and upbeat, but if one pushes her too far, she will snap.

♦ Though she does not seek out hostility, Mila is fiercely protective of those she has built strong bonds with, and will do whatever she can to defend them.

♦ Mila has a strange quirk of humming when doing mindless work. These tunes are often picked up from the song birds in the area.

♦ She does not outwardly admit it, but she is very dependent on her friends and family. She struggles to imagine a life without them.

♦ Her emotions control her a lot more than she controls them.

♦ Mila is a natural story teller

♦ Mila struggles extremely with her self-confidence and self-worth. She has never spoken outwardly about it, but she feels as though she just… exists. There is nothing special about her, she has no talents or skills, she’s mediocre at every task she picks up. She feels she has no purpose, and all she does is survive.

  By Crisadence by smimley 


Mila and her siblings were something of a miracle. Their mother, Dayanara, had fallen deathly ill during the early stages of her pregnancy, so she
and their father, Navindru, rushed to seek help from Heyl. There, thanks to the skill of Beta Medicine Keeper Laur, they managed to save
the life of Daya and her children. They were the first litter for the new couple, and the first litter Chandor had seen since Gregor and Mona's
children years before. Though their life started out as a struggle, they still have all sorts of joys and challenges to overcome throughout their life.


| MISC |

♦  Mila almost always has a smile on her face. Very rarely is she seen upset, sad, or anything negative. She is very much so an optimist.

♦ It takes a lot to upset Mila. She always tries her best to keep a positive attitude, so when she is upset, you know something or someone
did something real bad.

♦ Though Mila does not come off as aggressive, she is still fiercly protective of her friends and family, and will wreak havoc on anyone
that causes them any sort of harm.

♦ Mila has a tendency to hum. There really isn't any true song behind the hums, but it's something she does as she is off exploring, or
tending to her responsibilties.

♦ Mila prefers pack life to being alone. She can't imagine life without being surrounded by her family and friends, and would rather stay in the
comfort of her pack's territory than being out in the unknown.

♦ Mila relies heavily on instinct rather than logic. She'd rather read a situation and go with what her gut is telling her than listen to her mind.

♦ Due to Mila's imaginative trait, she loves to create stories. They're often based around fantasy, and sound like something out of a dream.

♦ Mila does not realize that her disability, is a disability. She thinks that everyone else has the same problem, so she doesn't tell anyone about it.

Speed: ••••••○○○○ (6 / 10)
Strength: •••○○○○○○○ (3 / 10)
Stamina: •••○○○○○○ (4 / 10)
Agility: ••○○○○○○ (2 / 10)
Endurance: ••○○○○ (5 / 10)
Stealth: ○○○○○○○ (1 / 10)
Social: ••••••○○○ (7 / 10)
Intelligence: •••○○○○○○ (4 / 10)



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