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[DotW - Application] Dayanara | Chandor

guys i'm so happy with this
she's my new precious baby
fingers crossed I get accepted this round
also yes she was named after the OITNB character

Updates: 7/5/2016 - Switched application to Chandor and changed her design prior to acceptance to seem more mature. Also changed the lineart in some places it was really bugging me.
7/11/2016 - I'm like three days late on this BUT GUYS I GOT ACCEPTED I'M SO HAPPY. Also added some minor traits to her personality.
2/16/2017 - Changed theme song
5/27/2017 - got a MUCH needed ref update
1/19/2018 - another ref update plus some minor design changes
3/4/2018 - my baby got hitched + some personality updates
2/9/2020 - I'd say 2 years is a good time frame to update some app art?? Some big changes here - Daya is officially an adult (she's been an adult in canon for a while, just haven't updated it), and she's getting close to aged adult. Her colors have started to dilute it a bit and aren't as saturated and vibrant, and she's got touches of grey on her paws, nose, and tail tip to show her age.
 1/31/2021 - Switched over to the new app plus some new scars added! She'll get new app art down the road, it's just not my top priority at the moment
 2/10/2022 - New app art! Dayanara is now also officially an aged adult, and has become a Theta Elk! (finally LMAO)
:new: 3/4/2022 - Acquired a few new scars from the Hive, and a gifted feather from her son, Ataw

Relationships | Bone and RP Tracker

By MatrixPotato by smimley


    Name: Dayanara
    Nicknames: Daya
    Pronounced: die-yah-NAHR-uh
    Meaning: Divine
    Origin: Spanish

    Current Age: Aged Adult (9 years)
    Starting Age: Young Adult (3 years)
    Birth Season: Summer

    Territory: Chandor
    Rank: Maika'i (Theta)
    Task: Elk Totem (Medic)


By mongoosefangs by smimley 


    Gender: Female
    Height: 32"
    Weight: 81 lbs
    Build: Her body is short and stocky, and legs are smaller than average, making her lack the necessary physical demands for speed and agility. Her coat is thick and somewhat wavy on the chest,     making high temperatures a little unbearable for her. Despite her lack of height, Dayanara has a lot of muscle to her, making her more suitable for tasks that require brute strength.
    Voice Actor:… (Cortana, the AI)

By SilverPocky by smimley 

| KIN |

    Family: None in game
     NPC: Myrna (mother, unknown whereabouts/condition), Tuiren (father, unknown whereabouts/condition), Lysanor (sister, unknown whereabouts/condition), Gael (younger brother, deceased), Hywela (younger sister, deceased), Eiric (younger brother, deceased)

By Dazifly by smimley 


    Orientation: Heterosexual
    Virginity: Taken

    Mate: Navindru
    Past Mates: None

    Love Interests: Navindru
    Past Love Interests: None

Litter 1; Mila (Daughter), Mirakel (Daughter), Makenna (Daughter)
Litter 2; Eustace (son), Faucon (daughter), Ataw (son)

By Crisadence by smimley 


[ protective/clingy | lacks self-confidence | pessimistic | sensitive | conscientious | generous ]

Protective/Clingy: Ever since Dayanara left her siblings to die at the hand of the invaders, she has felt this ever growing need to protect those around her, especially pups. She feels forever in debt and at fault for the death of her siblings, and believes that if she can save the life of anyone she can, she can repay her family for what she did. She also has a strong need to protect those she calls friends in fear that they may abandon her or something may happen to them that they have to leave.

Lacks Self-Confidence: Although Dayanara is more than capable of performing tasks on her own, she is her own worst critic and believes she is unable to do so. She will begin a task without batting an eye at her abilities, but the moment something doesn't go the way she planned, or someone doubts her, she shuts down and begins to emotionally beat herself down until little to no confidence is left in her.

Pessimistic: Though not as strong, or negative, as others, Dayanara struggles to find the good things in people or situation. She's the worst person to come to for advice on a bad situation, as she normally focuses on the negative outcomes of everything.

Sensitive: Dayanara has a tendency to get heated too easily, especially whenever someone brings up her past. She takes things too personally and often lashes out without thinking, verbally or physically.

Conscientious: Dayanara has always been a rule abiding wolf, and has strong morals. She will rarely drift from what she believes is right, and rarely ever breaks a rule. Those who are rebellious sicken her, and Daya will go out of her way to avoid any interaction with them.

Generous: Daya often forgives others too easily, especially rivals. She hates having any kind of hatred that is directed at anyone, and when given the opportunity, tends to give them a second chance. Dayanara also is more than willing to share what she has with others.

Minor Traits

[ shy | wary | observant | trusts others too easily ]

By Zoketi by smimley 


Dayanara was born into a pack from a distant land where multiple groups of wolves traveled together and formed packs. Everything and everyone was peaceful and a feeling of serenity spread around the packs. She was born to a litter of two other pups, a brother who died at birth and never received a name, and her sister Lysanor. Both parents, Myrna and Tuiren, were part of a group that was tasked with protecting the Alphas of their pack, Tarian. Since she could remember, Dayanara had always wished to follow in her parents’ steps to become a part of this guard.

As she grew, Dayanara became friends with the heir to Tarian, Rhona. The two girls were practically inseparable, and were always there to support one another. However, Rhona was known to hold secrets from even those she was closest to, and it lead to an eventual shatter in their relationship when they both had just passed a year old.

With more and more packs popping up around the lands that surrounded Tarian and the other packs, competition for territory began to swell and lead to tensions between packs. There had been news of clashing packs where the body count was rising at an alarming rate. Being that Tarian was the largest pack in this domain, it also meant they had the largest chunk of land. Rumors of a large raid being planned eventually reached the Tarian pack, however, their only issue was being unaware of vital information the attackers required.

Rhona was known for being a hopeless romantic, and during a walk, she came across a spy, a male wolf roughly two years older than her, who was scouting Tarian to gain some information. Noticing her flirtatious manners, he returned the actions, his goal only being to gain intel from her. Unfortunately, Rhona mistook his intentions, and on a daily basis snuck out to see him. What she had not noticed, though, was Dayanara grew suspicious of her constant disappearances and decided to follow her one day. It was on this particular day that the spy took advantage of Rhona and she spilled information to him that was meant to be kept a secret from all outsiders. After Rhona began to head back to the pack, Dayanara confronted her about what she had seen, and was then sworn to keep it a secret.

Though, being the rule abiding wolf she was, Dayanara could not withstand the guilt and pressure of keeping such a thing hidden, and told everything she had seen and heard to the Alphas of Tarian, Rhona’s parents. Filled with anger and disappointment, they stripped Rhona of her title as heir. Rhona immediately knew that Dayanara had spilled the secret to them, and disowned her as a friend, manipulating all others that Daya was friends with to completely ignore her and bully her from then on.

The adults attempted to support and help Dayanara as much as they could, but the age gap between them made it difficult for her to be social. She needed others around her age to be there for her. For a year, Dayanara’s only friend was her sister, making her sheltered and distant from others. She often struggled to find happiness, and contemplated many times leaving the pack. The only thing that was able to fill her with even the slightest bit of joy, was the birth of her three younger siblings, Eiric, Gael, and Hywela. Dayanara often spent a lot of time with them, as they were the only wolves besides her sister who treated her like a friend, and had no knowledge of the betrayal to Rhona.

Due to Rhona spilling information to the spy, they gained enough information to lead an attack on Tarian. Another year had passed when a raid struck in the middle of the night. While the pack was prepared for an attack, nothing could have prepared them for the number of wolves that would be involved in it. They were quickly overpowered, and the Alphas soon fell. Though, they didn’t stop there. Thirsty for blood, the attackers sought out the other members of Tarian, and unless they agreed to join them, they would be killed where they stood. Dayanara’s parents and sister were out fighting, and she was tasked with protecting her three younger siblings.

Hidden amongst the thick foliage of bushes, Daya continuously counted to make sure the triplets were still at her side. They would whimper now and then, making Daya tense in fear of any nearby wolves that were in hearing range. “Shh, I need you guys to keep quiet if you want to get out of here, okay?” She whispered to the trio, nosing them in an attempt to provide comfort. It seemed to quiet them down for the moment. Though, different sounds rang out from the area around them, foreign voices and crunching vegetation that quickened with each passing second. Daya’s pupils shrunk and her heart thudded wildly against her ribs as she listened to the words. “Over here, I think I smell some stragglers,” A masculine voice stated, followed by approaching paw steps. Two faces popped into view, locking eyes with the fear stricken Dayanara, then drifted to her three siblings cowering below her. “Well, well! Lookie here, boys, found a lil cutie and a trio of rats,” A sinister chuckle rolled off his lips as they rushed Daya and the juveniles, fangs exposed as they threatened to clamp down on their necks.

Resorting to her fight or flight, Dayanara took off, leaving her siblings defenseless against the wrath of the attackers. There was a brief cry of her name, a crunch, and then silence. The three, innocent children were no longer present in the world. Dayanara fumbled as what she had just done finally struck her, glancing over her shoulder with regret and guilt swelling in her chest. What she was met with, though, was three wolves pursuing her.

For days, Dayanara would run, barely giving time to eat or drink anything. When she felt safe from the chasers and attempted to take a break, they’d be on her tail again. She was growing weak and dehydrated, and starvation was beginning to catch up to her with the amount of energy she was spending. It wasn’t until about a week following the raid that they gave up on catching her and retreated to the bloodied lands. Dayanara wouldn’t take her chances though, and continued until she came across a large lake. Utterly exhausted, she simply accepted her fate and collapsed at the shore of the lake, taking what she thought would be her last drink. It was here, she waited for the pursuers she thought still followed her, resting her eyes and soaking in the heat of the sun, enjoying all the little things before she thought she’d come to her eventual death. Little did she know, she had wandered into Chandor territory, and came to eventually join their ranks.

Group History and Bone Log

White Star Suffers from slight PTSD
White Star Goes super-mom mode on basically any pup she sees
White Star Feels forever in debt to her family and always feels a need to repay them
White Star Fears returning to her old pack for what they might think
White Star Has always loved the stars and is fascinated by them
White Star Prefers a small, tight-knit group of friends rather than having a lot
White Star Hates being the center of attention

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Now I can see where Make got her cheeks from hehehehe
It gives an odd feeling to see her starting to gray ;; no mom, you can't age, it should be illegal!