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      Hey guys, I'm back from another Hiatus lol. Recently I opened a doing requests forum (like 3-4 days ago) It's closed now however. Out of all the comments I got I only did one request lol, so picky. I opened requests to get ideas for me to practice drawing again, since it has been some time since I drew often. I figured that I should just make up stuff myself of what I would draw because the requests I get were really vague (or they were just being polite and too shy to be specific? lol) But yah. For the art I'm gonna do, I plan on drawing fan art of celebs I like, characters, lpers, and I want to try and get some fan art for people he
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Changed my user and stuff
My new use is officially smilkey. I didn't like pastelwarrior anymore cuz it sounds gay XD Also, if you bother trying to notice, I frequently go on mini-hiatuses XD I'm young okay??? (I'm blaming my age for my inconsistency but really it's just a lack of discipline :P) So, I think that most of the ' finished ' stuff you'd be seeing from me is contest entries. I have a few WIPs in my gallery, and of my latest is the red sweep one, and even that I don't think I'm going to finish. I've looked at it recently and mannnnnn it SUCKS! And I'm the type that can't bear to work on something if I think that it looks horrible. I'm also the t


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happy birthday ^^ :iconcakeplz: :iconcakeplz: :iconcakeplz: :iconcakeplz: :iconcakeplz: :iconcakeplz: :iconcakeplz: :iconcakeplz: :iconcakeplz: :iconcakeplz: :iconcakeplz: :iconcakeplz: :iconcakeplz: :iconcakeplz: :iconcakeplz: :iconcakeplz: :iconcakeplz: :iconcakeplz: :iconcakeplz: :iconcakeplz: :iconcakeplz: :iconcakeplz: :iconcakeplz: :iconcakeplz: :iconcakeplz: :iconcakeplz: :iconcakeplz: :iconcakeplz: :iconcakeplz: :iconcakeplz:
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Thank youuuuuuu for the wattchhh :DDD <3
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Lol, welcommmeeeee