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I didn't notice it before but on the "Watch" page, there's an "All Deviants and Groups" pulldown to select a artist to filter for your watches.

It's totally horrible. Didn't anyone do some usability testing? You have to scroll down the list to reach people later in the alphabet. And, you can only scroll down through 20 users at a time. You need to scroll more to get the next subset to populate, scroll more, lather, rinse, repeat.

It's just so obviously useless for someone with an even moderate watch list to use. It's impractical. It's also partly broken because the scrollbar can get stuck at the bottom so that you have to scroll backwards a bit and give it another go to get 20 more names.

I didn't even notice the feature until today, but it's not useful for me to ever want to use it again.

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