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I didn't want to microwave the expensive pre-prepped dinners I bought for my freezer. Last week I had cooked some ground turkey with pepper and onion. It was split into 3 in my freezer.

I had lots of fun making mac and cheese out of it. I took a package of sharp cheddar cheese and some soy milk and microwaved them into a nice cheese sauce. I heated up the meat and boiled some gluten free macaroni elbows. Poured them together and they were awesome.

I joked with a friend that I should start a new career as a professional mac & cheese chef.

The time at the library volunteer position is going well. The library is going to move it's adult collection & computers to a local strip mall. The genealogy library won't be open quite as many hours as before.

I got to talk to my sister about things after volunteering. I was hungry and went to the gym first instead of Jimmy John's. Glad I didn't go there because the mac and cheese was so much fun to make. I'm teasing myself that all I need now is an electric pasta cooker. 

A local store, Albright's is in Corunna. Every Saturday they have a really long line in the store for people to buy their meat. I understand that it's very good. They also have about 10 different  kinds of in-store made brats and a freezer full of dozens of kinds of fish. But, what interests me there is their cheese case. They have close to 100 different kinds of cheese. A lot of them are made by small manufacturers that you won't find in the local corporate grocery store. Some would be really good for mac and cheese!

I've talked about going to a local nursing home and offering to be a pen pal to some of the people living there, but I haven't done it. I talk about going to the local city council meeting to see what it's like, but I haven't done that either.

So, I've got a couple more meals of mac and cheese in my fridge waiting for me. I also have my delicacy... cottage cheese and crushed pineapple waiting for me.

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That was SCARY. I had an disallowed character in my title when I tried to submit and this whole journal entry disappeared! Fortunately "back" still had it stored.
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