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This is pretty much the end of the tomato season for me--we had a frost last night and will again in a couple days. I picked the rest of what was ripe.

Then I remembered making fried green tomatoes with a friend. Since there were so many green (cherry) tomatoes on the vine (several pounds), I rescued them and will see what happens when I try to fry them up.

If I had not gone on vacation a week ago, I could have picked a lot more red tomatoes that ended up going to waste.  I haven't estimated how much I got too ripe, but it's a lot! But, I gave a huge amount away earlier in the season.

I've done relatively well at keeping the tomatoes from going bad after I harvested them, but one half a batch started to get a trace of mold and I didn't want to eat those. 

Now I put them in a cupboard or refrigerator so that they don't get light to promote the ripening process.  I also grouped them into several cups to insure that if one goes bad, it won't contaminate the rest. It doesn't seem that the refrigerator adds to their shelf life.
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Submitted on
October 16, 2018