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I've locked Zorro out of my bedroom most of the time recently. That was her favorite place to hang out and sleep. I don't want her getting sick in there. She's been more affectionate and comes and sits by my monitors while I'm working on it. Usually she's in front of the one I'm trying to use, but I don't get irritated. Once in a while I see her track the mouse on the screen with her eyes and even paw at it once in a while.

I went out to my car this afternoon and found a bird wing and maybe a tail on the ground besides my car. Some cat had a nice snack and kept some leftovers for me.

I'm looking to buy a car. The one I have my eye on right now is a Ford Fusion. I like it but they're asking too much.

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Thanks to all of you that helped me get a Spartan Llama. 

My llama herd has been pretty busy too..  I gave away as many llamas in February as i did in Dec. & Jan. put together.

Hope you're doing well if you read this.
It's just past Valentine's day and I ♥ Fort Wayne. Here are some FW shots.

Indiana Rapper by phantomhubble
Indiana Rapper

Fort Wayne Sunset 070114 by redwolf518
Fort Wayne Sunset (from the PFW campus)

Ft Wayne bridge Skyline by DragonWolfACe
Fort Wayne Bridge Skyline (from a very unusual vantage)

Fort Wayne Sunset by redwolf518
Fort Wayne Sunset (a church in a city of churches)

Storm on the Horizon by redwolf518
Storm on the Horizon

For the 2019 Valentines day project, today's task was to show your first :+fav: in a status. While I was scanning through my favorites list, I found several that were special.

The use of atmospheric perspective in this photo is really striking:

the two towers by dS1GN

His smile and green hair make me smile:

green hair by GuruY

I like the cartoon style of this wolverine

James Howlett by LightBombMike

To me, this picture is a representation of the torments of an addict. I've had a print of it in my house for a long time.

Demon series : Sebastian by LaDameDePique

Who can't love four owls? Urp! This might be taken just before the picture transforms into three kittens and _lots_ of feathers.

Lomo Owl by carlsonwkk

Very handsome with a nice smile.

Samu Haber - SunriseAve by tofu0004

He looks so happy and the colors of his outfit are full of life.
[COMM] Reference sheet: SaySora by SkyGiratina00

Very handsome.

John Winchester by LindaMarieAnson
In the past two months I gave away 303 llamas. Over the 4 previous months I gave away 954.

I've got a bit of catching up to do. lol
One word
A light in the darkness
Surprise for the downhearted
Enemy of the oppressor
Kindness and love
A day after many nights

It can be frustrating for your reach to exceed your grasp.

I've got projects that aren't done but aren't forgotten nor finished.

It's coming up on Christmas. You probably already know this.

It's not a happy season for some of my friends. One had his son die of an overdose earlier in the year. Another, her mother-in-law is in hospice. I don't know the struggles others are facing, just to know that we all are being tossed around on choppy seas can help me be humble about when I see the ships fighting to not capsize or drown.

I have a lot to be grateful for!

Although I was really sick earlier in the year, I'm much closer to my ideal self. I've got lots of people in my life. My immediate family is healthy and enjoying life. My problems today are "cadillac problems" and I can remember that one day is good, the next, difficult and the one after that is far away.

When I'm writing an essay, a important skill provides good transitions from one phase of the document to the next. Jarring jumps up and down, left and right weaken the argument and make it hard to follow. Perhaps life is like that too? By noting the transitions in life, it can be easier to follow and easier to make sense. 

Life has transitions over and over. In a sense, each day or each hour is a change. I don't have power to make it smooth but if I stay prepared, I can be ready as I go around the next corner into a beautiful canyon on some days and a forest of giants on others.
I started my poetry project again. I like being organized, for example by giving things numbers.  I'm starting at 3000 since 1000 and 2000 are already taken. 

I've been uploading more poetry to my That's a good thing.

My family is doing ok. My one niece is dealing with immigration snags. She married someone from Australia and her visa down under is running out. They don't have the money for legal documents to allow him to come to Indiana permanently, so I'm not sure what the next step is. Her sister-in-law is also an immigrant and the steps to get things for her arranged took a long time, even though my nephew and her were married.

I picked a different graphic for my twitter account. 

Pencil Writing Twitter by SmilingY

 The graphic came from a monochrome design I got from Shutterstock. I thought about having a transparent background, but transparent didn't work as well as I had hoped.
I put a new poem on my blog today .  It had been several months since the last one. I also wrote a blog entry in my conventional blog .

lt was fun yesterday. We went to see Ralph Breaks the Internet. I really enjoyed it. We had dinner at mom and dad's after the movie. A baked pasta dish that was really delicious. 

I've been cleaning up my computer's disks.  Trying to get rid of duplicates and cruft that I don't need. I need to take my time and not let that take over me working on other projects.

I've started to write more poetry but haven't been consistent yet. 

I'm hoping to learn more about the audio production software on my laptop and to make tutorial videos about it.
I've been reading some books. The one, "A Game of Thrones" by George R.R. Martin has a slogan "Winter is Coming." I think that is true here too. However, we don't have a 700 foot ice wall protecting us from the grumkins of the North.

The story in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone is winding down and coming to its destined climax. 

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A friend sent me a video about 7 amazing substances. One that it did not do justice to was nitinol--shape memory metal.

It's pretty cool that it can unbend when it gets to a certain temperature. A second video that I wrote in reply explained how the metal works.

I'm reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. I was pleasantly surprised to have it mention Newt Scamander as the author of one of the books that was required to bring to Hogwarts. He's the protagonist in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Today I read a mention of Grindelwald, so the author was thinking far ahead in planning out where it would be possible to take the Harry Potter universe.

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I made some custom stationery based on different art that I produced. I took the image, made it partially transparent and printed it out. It is nice that a printer has "borderless" printing as an option, so if I put a border around the image, it goes to the edge of the paper seamlessly.

I heard the song Let It Be by the Beatles today. I can only imagine what they would be like if they had modern sound equipment... I've read how they used the equipment they had to the bleeding edge of what was possible with the multi track tape players they had.

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YouTube notifications work!
Launch4 by SmilingY
This is pretty much the end of the tomato season for me--we had a frost last night and will again in a couple days. I picked the rest of what was ripe.

Then I remembered making fried green tomatoes with a friend. Since there were so many green (cherry) tomatoes on the vine (several pounds), I rescued them and will see what happens when I try to fry them up.

If I had not gone on vacation a week ago, I could have picked a lot more red tomatoes that ended up going to waste.  I haven't estimated how much I got too ripe, but it's a lot! But, I gave a huge amount away earlier in the season.

I've done relatively well at keeping the tomatoes from going bad after I harvested them, but one half a batch started to get a trace of mold and I didn't want to eat those. 

Now I put them in a cupboard or refrigerator so that they don't get light to promote the ripening process.  I also grouped them into several cups to insure that if one goes bad, it won't contaminate the rest. It doesn't seem that the refrigerator adds to their shelf life.
I just got done watching more Harry Potter exposition videos by MovieFlame on you tube.  They're captivating shorts with details about many aspects of the series. They're also pretty popular, each having several million views.

Between that and watching more Game of Thrones, I ordered a copy of the first HP and first GoT books. I listened to the HP books on audio book and watched the main 8 films. I'm also winding down on season 7 of GoT so I should be fully indoctrinated in both worlds by the end of it.

I live a couple of blocks from a church and they frequently have (simulated) bells ringing that I can hear in my house. I'm not sure what the schedule is for their performances.

I had a rough night last night. Today is a lot better.

I'm hoping to watch Smallfoot with mom and dad tomorrow. It's showing in a theater close to where they live.
Yesterday I switched my phone to an iPhone. The android lost GPS signal without a reason. When you add that to the cracked screen and cracked camera lens something had to change.

Initially I was going to get a new android but while I’m in frugal mode I don’t want to spend a couple c notes to get an (old) model android.

I had the iPhone already and realized I would not need to spend anything.

One major advantage of the iPhone is that the OS is continually being upgraded which my android has not done
Since I grew up in Vermont, I really like snow. 

My grandpa was really fond of snowmobiling too. I would go skiing in Vermont often in the winter when we lived out there.

We haven't had any snow yet....
Addiction is a horrible disease. It takes whatever it can. 

Tonight I went to the funeral of a 27 year old friend who died of an overdose a week ago. I didn't know him very well, but I do know his father. His father had been struggling for months to find the best thing to do for his son, but in the end it wasn't enough. 
I'm still correcting the algebra. I've got the distance and velocity correct, but the acceleration is off.

Today's been good. 

The garden is prolific.. filling my bowls with more and more tomatoes.