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I'm enjoying reading the book Atomic Habits by James Clear.

I see a lot of suggestions on how to form habits  you want and to dissipate habits you don't.

One is to look at the cues that start a behavior. Also, that by changing your environment, the behaviors can change too

One challenging thing I have now is eating too much and between meals. I noticed that every time I would go into the kitchen, I would eat something. I reorganized my kitchen by pushing the table in front of the refrigerator when I want to not eat. It's a change to the environment and it seems to be helping.
My Great Aunt Alice's Grandfather Fewell owned a plantation with tenants William and Minnie Hooker sharecropping about 80 acres. One of their children was the jazz musician John Lee Hooker.

This is according to an autobiography of my great aunt titled "A Mississippi Delta Childhood." It was privately published and I searched online and can't find any copies of it for sale.  

I just looked up her genealogy and, according to the biography, John Lee Hooker was 3 years older that Alice who was born in 1920. This is consistent with the general conclusion that he was born in 1917.

FWIW, this gives me 3 degrees of separation from a huge cohort that I wasn't aware of before looking this up.
I have an excellent cookbook "Rodale's Basic Natural Foods Cookbook" edited by Charles Gerras. Mine is the 1984 edition.

It has lots of useful tables.  How to prepare seafood, cooking methods for vegetables and quite a few others. 

One table includes information about spice/vegetable combinations.This document summarizes the information.  Spice Table by SmilingY I haven't tested many of the combinations personally but I trust the source.

Although it's not in the chart, I discovered that celery seed goes well with cauliflower.

I have a "system" for getting llamas. I don't buy or sell them. I always give a llama to people who give me a llama. I also give to people who have given someone else a llama recently.

My sister who is a goatherd (but not a lonely one)  She has a llama protecting them from predators. She recently told me that they llama has started being protective of my sister when strangers come. Louie is very diligent at keeping an eye out for any potential threats.

I've been tracking my give/receive ratio and I keep bouncing up against 80% but never passing it.

on another topic, I just burned Bill's Quirky Music XVII. It's got the song Stamp on the Ground that I mentioned recently. Another song it includes is a cover of Dragostea din tei by ozone (the "Numa Numa" song) by Craig Anstey who is a prolific YouTube musician.

Zarla has a Flash "Stamp on the Ground"  Stamp on the Ground by zarla 

The link in the description… has audio. 
I listened to the song one too many times and bought the audio.

There's a YouTube copy of the flash with 16 million views! 

The group's music video is a little iffy in its portrayal of women. I haven't seen dancing in water in a video before, so that 's creative.

It's a very catchy song, and, true to form, I found out about it 10 years late.... lol
I just started a patreon creator account.

It's focused on poetry and creative writing.
I like making different symmetric 3-d shapes. Platonic Solids (tetrahedron, octahedron, cube, dodecahedron and icosahedron) and Archimedean Solids (they've got fanciful names like cuboctahedron and rhombicosidodecahedron) Another cool shape I know about is the rhombic triacontahedron.

I'd like to make them for sale. I've got everything I need as far as materials... colored paper, card stock, glue and paint, but I am held back by the need to cut the faces out precisely. One way of accomplishing that is with a laser cutter. A laser cutter could also increase the number of materials I could use or types of project.

However, laser cutters are not cheap. I've seen models that go from $400 - $6,000 and up. That's a pretty sum of money and I'm not sure it is worthwhile. The last expensive thing to buy, a 10 pin Velobind machine was about $900 and I was perfectly fine not buying it. Other expenses I've dodged were other kinds of binding machines and repairing and calibrating my oscilloscope.

Money choices can be hard, and I can always wait on elective purchases like this.

Share the hope.
I just finished my taxes today. I only owed some back sales tax.

Today is going ok. I got my program tests updated. I need to quit making changes like that because they take a long time to revalidate.

I had a good experience this week. One test wasn't working but I didn't remember changing anything. I checked information from my version archive and test results and found the change that broke things. I was glad that I found it. The code that was broken looked correct until I compared it with the older, working version. It was nice because things worked just the way I intended them to be used. It wasn't a common need to find the answer, but when I did need it, it was a lifesaver.

I did driving for Uber for the first time last week. I hope to do it more, starting tomorrow. I bought a brace to hold my phone while I'm driving so that I don't have to pick it up to see the navigation maps.

It was snowy yesterday and sunny today. 

Share the breeze.
I just watched a video Are Prime Numbers Made Up? about the philosophical debate whether mathematical objects exists outside of the human mind. The two camps, realism and antirealism have different attitudes. Are there real idealized instances of each mathematical object or is it all just something formally defined that isn't based in reality?

A tension exists with the idea that that mathematics isn't real and the fact of the human ability to build a bridge and skyscraper that won't fall down. Getting a payload to orbit depends on some seriously "real" properties of math.

My thought on the topic is that there's only one decision that is needed to build the rest of mathematics. If you can consider a set as a real thing, then the rest of mathematics can be built as scaffolding on top of that. I don't think of the sets when I write a formula to estimate my gas mileage, but I could drill down (really) deeply to get down to that description.

Using the idea of a set as a basis for mathematics leads to mathematical properties that reflect reality because they're built on something simple. Putting those items together rigorously leads to all of the math we need. You add axioms to create a formally notation that describes the real objects.

So, I think everything can be built  out of sets and axioms are rules that direct the ways to manipulate the notation.   
I just looked at the calendar and saw that it's pi day.

I prefer lemon meringue pi, but a raspberry pi can be useful. My mom makes great pumpkin pi.

Soon I'll get around to putting up more art.
I've locked Zorro out of my bedroom most of the time recently. That was her favorite place to hang out and sleep. I don't want her getting sick in there. She's been more affectionate and comes and sits by my monitors while I'm working on it. Usually she's in front of the one I'm trying to use, but I don't get irritated. Once in a while I see her track the mouse on the screen with her eyes and even paw at it once in a while.

I went out to my car this afternoon and found a bird wing and maybe a tail on the ground besides my car. Some cat had a nice snack and kept some leftovers for me.

I'm looking to buy a car. The one I have my eye on right now is a Ford Fusion. I like it but they're asking too much.

Share the purrs!
Thanks to all of you that helped me get a Spartan Llama. 

My llama herd has been pretty busy too..  I gave away as many llamas in February as i did in Dec. & Jan. put together.

Hope you're doing well if you read this.
It's just past Valentine's day and I ♥ Fort Wayne. Here are some FW shots.

Indiana Rapper by phantomhubble
Indiana Rapper

Fort Wayne Sunset 070114 by redwolf518
Fort Wayne Sunset (from the PFW campus)

Ft Wayne bridge Skyline by DragonWolfACe
Fort Wayne Bridge Skyline (from a very unusual vantage)

Fort Wayne Sunset by redwolf518
Fort Wayne Sunset (a church in a city of churches)

Storm on the Horizon by redwolf518
Storm on the Horizon

For the 2019 Valentines day project, today's task was to show your first :+fav: in a status. While I was scanning through my favorites list, I found several that were special.

The use of atmospheric perspective in this photo is really striking:

the two towers by dS1GN

His smile and green hair make me smile:

green hair by GuruY

I like the cartoon style of this wolverine

James Howlett by LightBombMike

To me, this picture is a representation of the torments of an addict. I've had a print of it in my house for a long time.

Demon series : Sebastian by LaDameDePique

Who can't love four owls? Urp! This might be taken just before the picture transforms into three kittens and _lots_ of feathers.

Lomo Owl by carlsonwkk

Very handsome with a nice smile.

Samu Haber - SunriseAve by tofu0004

He looks so happy and the colors of his outfit are full of life.
[COMM] Reference sheet: SaySora by SkyGiratina00

Very handsome.

John Winchester by LindaMarieAnson
In the past two months I gave away 303 llamas. Over the 4 previous months I gave away 954.

I've got a bit of catching up to do. lol
One word
A light in the darkness
Surprise for the downhearted
Enemy of the oppressor
Kindness and love
A day after many nights

It can be frustrating for your reach to exceed your grasp.

I've got projects that aren't done but aren't forgotten nor finished.

It's coming up on Christmas. You probably already know this.

It's not a happy season for some of my friends. One had his son die of an overdose earlier in the year. Another, her mother-in-law is in hospice. I don't know the struggles others are facing, just to know that we all are being tossed around on choppy seas can help me be humble about when I see the ships fighting to not capsize or drown.

I have a lot to be grateful for!

Although I was really sick earlier in the year, I'm much closer to my ideal self. I've got lots of people in my life. My immediate family is healthy and enjoying life. My problems today are "cadillac problems" and I can remember that one day is good, the next, difficult and the one after that is far away.

When I'm writing an essay, a important skill provides good transitions from one phase of the document to the next. Jarring jumps up and down, left and right weaken the argument and make it hard to follow. Perhaps life is like that too? By noting the transitions in life, it can be easier to follow and easier to make sense. 

Life has transitions over and over. In a sense, each day or each hour is a change. I don't have power to make it smooth but if I stay prepared, I can be ready as I go around the next corner into a beautiful canyon on some days and a forest of giants on others.
I started my poetry project again. I like being organized, for example by giving things numbers.  I'm starting at 3000 since 1000 and 2000 are already taken. 

I've been uploading more poetry to my That's a good thing.

My family is doing ok. My one niece is dealing with immigration snags. She married someone from Australia and her visa down under is running out. They don't have the money for legal documents to allow him to come to Indiana permanently, so I'm not sure what the next step is. Her sister-in-law is also an immigrant and the steps to get things for her arranged took a long time, even though my nephew and her were married.

I picked a different graphic for my twitter account. 

Pencil Writing Twitter by SmilingY

 The graphic came from a monochrome design I got from Shutterstock. I thought about having a transparent background, but transparent didn't work as well as I had hoped.
I put a new poem on my blog today .  It had been several months since the last one. I also wrote a blog entry in my conventional blog .

lt was fun yesterday. We went to see Ralph Breaks the Internet. I really enjoyed it. We had dinner at mom and dad's after the movie. A baked pasta dish that was really delicious. 

I've been cleaning up my computer's disks.  Trying to get rid of duplicates and cruft that I don't need. I need to take my time and not let that take over me working on other projects.

I've started to write more poetry but haven't been consistent yet. 

I'm hoping to learn more about the audio production software on my laptop and to make tutorial videos about it.