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I wish a falling star
would light that single candle.
Its wick will consume the night.
That dark smoke was wiped away.
A soft breeze is all I know.

Joy does not despise its weakness.
Its firm foundation is hope.
Love grows all around me now.
I wait and will be known.

A broken sparrow can fly freely.
But a breeze has cooled its temples.
His weapon softly flashes.
Tread softly, it has such power.

Each war must end one day.
Their weapons will fail again.
They will not draw my blood.
Their rage, one page of history.
Days burned by my lens of hope.

I have a secret match.
It is not for any to see.
It is light, it is hope, it is joy.
Ceaselessly, it brushes away
the enemies none dare face.

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Submitted on
April 2


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