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Behind the fog, every light was hidden.
No one was near me at midnight.
Later, I was with a friend again.
The beauty of their heart illumined me.

I drift back to the places where I am safe.
The love of my family is a true lamp.
I have returned to a table of sharing.
I hope I will not be alone again.

Life in the fog darkens my core.
Love and sharing will clear the air.
I blow away the mist and remember.
My soul need not fear today.

Behind The Fog – 2108E – September 24, 2017


Even a solitary essence is in a world full of life. Whether I choose to love it or not, it is real. I walk through life inside a fog protecting me from shame and disturbances to my peace. The words I use, carefully chosen, let me travel safely.


When I’m with friends, I can offer a path through the fog. Those who know me most deeply, my family, come through the fog to show me new lights.

 Is it fear that scorn will follow a revealed flaw. What is going to be seen badly? What will someone who doesn’t care misunderstand?

 In the evening, I reflect on the landscape around me. What have I done today? What lessons does the day offer? Sharing with another can show that I am not so different. The fog is hiding something that others offer without barriers or secrecy. Even when there is risk, pain is not frightening enough to prevent growth.

 In the dark nights, I see things I wish I had done; things I wish I had not done. I’ll be able to accept both when I realize that they are part of everyday lives. If it has a name, someone has done it before.

 One path would step outside the fog and build a new shelter; a new place to welcome others. In life, the day burns away morning fog. By blowing away the mist, the fog will stop protecting me but it will let the sunlight in. I will see the neighborhood with its gardens and gateways.

 A breeze cools my brow and I remember.

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