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Twilight and Rainbow Concept Updated

This is part of the Thousand Lights comic, which will be seen after the Prologue "Cruel Fate" 

Twilight's suit design was based heavily on the "batsuit" and Raven's, while Rainbow's is from the "Accelerator Suit" from GI JOE

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Wher can I find the full comic?
Am I the only one who see's alot of "Moon Knight" in Twilights costume? either way, I really like it, it's very rare to see a well realized "mage superhero" costume.
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what is twilight called when she is in that suit
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I don't think he's come up with a name yet.
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Twilight totaly remids me on Raven, and this is an amazing story I love it!


Recently found your works (I was looking for some human Spike works, go figure).  I like your Alternate Universe & humanization angle, and am very impressed with the quality of your work(s).  Figured if I was going to start a Comment, it would be here.  ;)

I see you based her costume upon both Batgirl (Stephanie Brown?) and Teen Titans' Raven.  As a long-time comic-book fan (& more recent brony), I do have a refinement suggestion (or two) towards your Twilight.  This is based upon the character's origin of having her family brutally murdered, which is more akin to Batman, rather than Robin &/or Batgirl.

My refinement suggestion is two-fold...

 - 1st: Cloak.  Rather than having a swept-back cape like Batgirl or Robin, I would suggest a front-clasp cloak like Raven or Batman, to give her a more mysterious air.  This is consistent with most magic-themed super-heroes, such as Doctor Fate or Doctor Strange.

 - 2nd: Mask.  I would suggest sharpening the mask to a downward "beak," like Batman's; or the way Raven's hood shades over her nose when draped over her head, giving the visual illusion of a "beak."  This also contributes to the more intimidating and darker "feel" of such vigilante heroes.

Hope this helps.

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Hey, thanks for the tip, really appreciate it.
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Cool suit on RD. So is the fic just about those two or do the other mane 7 in it has well? Spike could make a great sidekick/partner? 
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For now I got these two. Spike will be coming up next, as for the others well I haven't thought of it yet.

Twilight's mage suit: $100,000 worth of magic enchantments

Wonderbolt Powersuit: $10 Billion in development, $50 million to manufacture

Spitfire's Reaction: Priceless

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Twi as a mix of Raven and Storm (white hair/glowing eyes)?!?! YES PLEASE YES PLEASE YEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSS!!!! <3

And RD as G.I.Joe is good as well. But the highlight for me is the costume of Twi and the cruel way she talks to the villian guy she holds captitive (at least i think he's a villian). <3
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Wow I can sense a great story 

Will you show Trixie in it? :D
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Lol, she is already using excessive force.


must be one of them punch first ask questions later type of hero.

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So do the others become superheroes or is it just Twilight?
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Mostly its just Twilight doing the hero stuff, but I did consider giving Rainbow a hero role.
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Soooooo Twidash, somehow in some ways? <.<
Or more of a superhero rivality with being  friends in normal life while they are unaware of each other's alter ego?^^
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Twi and Dash are friends in normal life, Dash does not know her alter ego.

In the story Dash is an athlethic prodigy recruited into the Police Force special unit called Wonderbolts, so yeah she is pretty known to the general public.
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How will they be friends in normal life when Dash is a popular Police superhero while Twily is well, Twily just with a superhero secret not even Dash knows about? Are they both going to University? Oh well, don't answer that question please, just surprise me. <3

I do have a question though, it's about the banestone Chrys used and what she told to Twilight Velvet about how "their kind" almost got wiped out by it in the past:
-Are magicians very rare in this world's society?
-How is their social standing? As in are they more the elite or more the bottom of the society or just a side-scene of it, not worth to look at much, or just normal average people for the rest of their communities?
-Do they have to hide/keep their magic a secret due racists or fears of being killed as witches and witcher?
-What about pegasi and earth ponies aka Gaians and uh Airsomethinsomething?^^; Are they the main populance or are normal humans without any kind of special power the majority?
-If so how do those normal humans view the magicians, gaians and airsomethingsomething?
-Do "Alicorns" exist in this setting or not aka do Celestia/Luna lead this nation Twi/Dash live in or not?
-Can Twi practise magic normally or will she be avoided by others due being a magician (which would make her friendship with Dash all the more precious~)
-Can RD fly in the G.I.-suit with her born pegasi powers or does it has a jetpack or can it jump very far?
-Are Twi/RD the only heroes of the city (which I assume is called Canterlot or New Canterlot or somehing like that xD) or are there other G.I. officers besides RD/other heroes/villians using magical and technological power to save/doom the city/nation?
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Wow thats a lot! I'll answer as best as I can.

In the past Twi's race were despised and feared by the Humans because of their power, the discovery of their weakness led to the genocide of her people. Now in her time their species dwindled and are forced into hiding, blending in with the humans. The survivors refrained from practicing their gifts out of fear of being discovered, and overtime their race faded into myth.

Mythical animals are present in this world too (Dragons, Diamond Dogs, etc).

There are no other special humans like Twi's. Chrysies shapeshifting ability was acquired from synthesizing with changeling DNA (changelings are animals here) which was done by a certain someone called "Dr. D" 

Alicorns do exist in this world, but they are like godly spirits, known mostly in myths and legends, as for the sisters they are both humans here.

The Wonderbolt suit can only fly with attachment upgrades and yes they can jump pretty high.

There are no other special baddies yet aside from the usual thugs and mobsters, so only the local police are the only ones protecting the citcizens. The biggest threat the people face are from mythical beasts that would time to time wander into human territory. The main job of the Wonderbolts is to intercept and neutralize these wild monsters, occasionally they will be deployed for police work, their kinda like a high powered SWAT unit.
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I see, thanks for answering.^^
So RD is a normal human then but with a special armor while Twi acts like a normal human but is a "myth" in truth. Guess it must have been quite the shock to the society then when Twi showed up as superhero with magical powers. Wonder how the magicians keep contact with each other or how they can see who's a normal and who's a magical human. And I guess they sometimes marries normal humans right? Otherwise it would be hard to see how Twilight Velvet and Nightlight found each other (expect there are some sort of magical sites in the internet only magicians can get access to XD) plus unlike with Velvet we never saw Nightlight use any sort of magic, so he might have been a normal human who fell in love with a magician and kept her power a secret till his death. *sniff*
Plus Shiny also didn't used magic if I remember correctly so he could have been a normal human due his father side which means the genetics of the magicians would fade out if they mix too much with normal humans.

Would the current society still fear Twi's kind or be more accepting of them? I mean, Banestone ammo seems to be still produced given that Chrys had some in hand. For a myth that's quite something to do. Or is that mostly used now against mythical beasts?

Well, let's play the guessing game what the "D" could stand for. XDDD

Godly spirits? So I guess they are the or a religion with churches and priests and all that?
Are Celly/Luna normal humans or magician humans who took care of Twily after the death of her family? Does Cadance exist in your story world or not?

That suit sounds so cool, no wonder RD would want to be part of such a team. <3
But given that those beasts are such a danger, cities and villages would have been planned ahead for such occasions/incidents, right? Like walls around the city, shelter points and signs leading to them, automatical barricades/doors in streets for police officers/soldiers and Wonderbolts to fight the beasts behind cover or to slow down their advance, hospitals in the middle of the city, maybe even different kinds of levels inside the city so that lesser worthy levels can be given up to protect more important ones like factories or banks and such. Aw man, every answer just gives me more questions too! D:

So, I have one yet, when can we expect the next page of little Twily going ballistic on Chrys's ass in a catsuit?^^
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The stone used against Twi's kind is pretty rare and only a handful of groups know about it, Chrysalis and her allies being one of them. The stone does not affect mythical beasts and it is worthless for anything else.

Yes Celly and Luna are humans, Cadance will be there too.

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Magic hairdye! It's like she's a super saiyajin.
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