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Voyage Aquaitica

Serving Evoke: Voyage
Collaboration with :iconbrandonwagner: and :iconpgizzle618:

Great working with you guys.
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Mmmmmh so strange effect! :)
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fantastic collab guys! Did you draw the fish or what? I mean, I can well imagine what's house's part in this collab. :D
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Cheers mate. Haha yeah House made the original render, Parker drew the fish, and then I tied it all together and made the final touches like the subtle background elements and the DoF effects.
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This was damn sick, you guys did a really sweet job !
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cool one guys.
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Love the colouring, looks dope! ;)
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Great collab guys!
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Great stuff, it's so awesome to see 3+ people collaborating on work.
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Me too, and they are always great fun!
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Very cool. Seems like a rather eccentric combination of techniques, and that works to your advantage in this case. Nice work guys.
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The best thing about collabs that. :) Glad you like it.
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Love this.
Can't quite put my finger on what, but it's just stunning.

Grats to all of you for this amazing piece.
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Very nice! I'm in love :p
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