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Tiefee, Mischievous Fakemon

Name: Tiefee (Tiefling + Fey (corrupted for rhyming purposes))
Species: Mischievous Pokemon
Type: Fairy
Ability: Cute Charm / Inner Focus

Height: 0.63m
Weight: 18.2Kg

are often mischievous, either due to a malignant nature, or pure ignorance. They can be very loyal to their trainers, but most Tiefee that live in the wild grow chaotic. 

Hp: 46
Att: 43
Def: 34
SpA: 65
SpD: 58
Spd: 49
Total: 295

Tiefee evolves into Inferling with a Fire Stone

Tiefee, Mischievous Fakemon by Smiley-Fakemon >>> 
Inferling, Hellbound Fakemon by Smiley-Fakemon

Tiefee evolves into Succumbra with a Dusk Stone

Tiefee, Mischievous Fakemon by Smiley-Fakemon >>> Succumbra, Luring Fakemon by Smiley-Fakemon

evolves into Corregon at level 50

Tiefee, Mischievous Fakemon by Smiley-Fakemon >>> Corregon, Vibrant Fakemon by Smiley-Fakemon
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This is THE CUTEST Fakemon that I've ever seen! I would totally catch and own one! And have a Corregon, Succumbra, and Inferring too! Well done, Smiley!😊

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Roblox game called Arena X is stealing your ideas without credit. Do you allow this?
Naki-d0es-a-Doodle's avatar
I absolutely love this fakemon. Its cute and adorable
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I can see a poison type and a flying type as well but that's just me.
tunafishcobbler's avatar
Alright broseph I saw that you got this on another one of your artworks but there is a ROBLOX game that is stealing a bunch of artwork to make models for it without giving credit, this one and its three evolutions were no exception.…
May I use this in my improved pokedex project
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I was wondering if I would possibly be able to use this piece of art in a Youtube video. I would of course provide credit on screen, and in the description if I used it, Is that okay?
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Dose this line have an angelic counterpart?
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ojala los diseñadores de pokemon te contraten algún día XD
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Por fin un comentario en español :v 
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This. Is. AMAZING!
These designs are great! Plus they remind my of my first Dungeons and Dragons character, Skamos Relentless the Tiefling Rogue.
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This is the new Eevee
Scollipede-fakemon's avatar
Dude, get a job a gamefreak plz
I'm trying to make a project and I wanna include some fakemons/monsters in it but I can't really draw and sprite! Can I use all four of those?
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i wounldnt mind this on my team
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I am making a fakemon pokedex. Can I use your pokemon?
Smiley-Fakemon's avatar
What use would that have, if you don't make them yourself? 
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LPSdog101's avatar
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cute fairy pokemon :meow:
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