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Mega Flygon

This is my entry for the Mega Evolution contest at :iconpokemon-forever:

Flygon evolves into Mega Flygon with the Flygonite

Name: Mega Flygon 
Species: Mystic Pokemon
Type: Ground/Dragon
Ability: Multiscale

Height: 2.50m
Weight: 122.0Kg

Hp: 80 >>> 80 (+0)
Att: 100 >>> 140 (+40)
Def: 80 >>> 100 (+20)
SpA: 80 >>> 90 (+10)
SpD: 80 >>> 100 (+20)
Spd: 100 >>> 110 (+10)

Mega Flygon gets boosts all around. With stronger wings, but a heavier body, its Speed increases just a tiny bit. Its Attack however gets a huge boost, thanks to stronger legs, longer tail and horns. Its scales become harder, giving it better Defensive capabilities. 

Flygon is made by GameFreak, Mega Flygon is made by me, :iconsmiley-fakemon:

Hope you like it :D (Big Grin)
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Can I write down the source of this picture and use it?