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Lambert - Commission

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This guy was commissioned by :iconsanglorian:, with this as reference material:…

Original design by :iconsanglorian:

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Nice! This is cute in a cool way, will it evolve into a beast?
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Cute dude!
The pants kinda reminds me of Bonsly.
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Oh my Gosh L O V E I T!
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Does anyone else get a Seedot+Cranidos+Tauros vibe? I love play with fire . Other than that, another awesome contribution to the league!
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My mom walked in with me viewing this on my screen and she was like

"Why did they turn Adam Lambert into a Pokemon?!"

Moms are funny.
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This fakemon is cute!!!!!
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It's adorable, thank you so much! 

For those who are interested in the story behind the commission, I and some others are working on Tuxemon, an open source monster catching and battling game. 

Contributions from the community - particularly of fakemon you have designed - are always welcome. You can learn more about the project by sending me a note or visiting the websites below:
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You're welcome, and thanks :) 
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you're welcome ^-^
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Lol it looks like it got stuck in a fish bowl XP
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Literally I'm just over here like maya lambert shader 

sorry I'm an animation nerd
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so many lamberts
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It reminds me of Bonsly.
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Because of the whole 'potted plant' thing, eh?
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How could I get you to do one of one of my pokemon?
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