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You've given us a clear picture here; probably one of the first Pokemon you encounter, a Pidgey equavalent. The traits of the actual an...


Moshka, Winged Cat Fakemon
Name: Moshka (Munchkin Cat + Koshka ( = Cat))
Category: Winged Cat Pokémon
Type: Flying
Ability: Updraft* / Gale Wings (HA)
*(Powers up Flying-type moves by 50% when the Pokémon's HP is below 1/3)

Height: 0.38m
Weight: 3.2kg

Moshka use their small wings for balance, as their tails are rather short. Altough they are capable of flight, they prefer to conserve their energy, so they are rarely seen airborne. 

HP: 41
Att: 42
Def: 42
SpA: 62
SpD: 62
Spd: 66
Total: 315

Potential Moveset
Fake Out
Tail Wind

Moshka evolves into ??? at level 20

A huge "Thank you!" to my Patrons on Patreon:
Noel Blackketter


An Anonymous Deviant has lengthened my Premium Membership! I definitely don't deserve that with my upload rate, but thank you! 

Altough I did upload this yesterday:  Hollow Knight OC - Lady Orselle by Smiley-Fakemon
And this the week before:  Olmold, Cave Dweller Fakemon by Smiley-Fakemon

I also once again would like to point out I'm relatively much more active in my Discord server than on here, so drop by if you'd like :)

Hollow Knight OC - Lady Orselle
This is clearly a bit different to what you all are used to, but I've played Hollow Knight quite recently and I absolutely loved the gameplay, story, concepts and character design. But evidently that doesn't drive me to draw the characters in it; I prefer trying my own hand at comparable and hypothetically applicable characters... because that's basically what Fakemon are. So, if you haven't played Hollow Knight, just know that I wholeheartedly recommend it, and that there might be some small semblence of spoilers going forward. Besides that, the dialogue probably only makes much sense to people who have played the game '^^

Check out the game here

Lady Orselle

Lady Orselle is a mushroom-obsessed fungus gnat found in the Fungal Wastes, at the bottom left of the Fungal Core. She is among a group of Shrumelings, all appearing to be ordinary mushrooms until you get close. At that point the Shrumelings flee, and Lady Orselle comes out from under her mushroom cap. If she is hit with the nail at any point she will return to hiding under her cap. Her speech pattern indicates she considers both her and the mushroom attached to her head to be one entity, as she adresses herself as plural. She refers to the player as "one".


First encounter

A surprise... not quite. Tell us of one's arrival they did. Foolish doubting them... always speak truth...

Not many come see us... not bugs anyway. Scared of infections they are... scared we are not. Scared of one... yet to decide. They will inform us shortly...


Second conversation

Friends tell of one's nail... it will not stunt their growth however sharp. No danger to us... no blessing either.

Infected... we are not. Symbiosis... better alternative. A blessing indeed... ours slightly lopsided. Should replace... but can not. Have grown attached... more ways than one...


Third conversation

Used to fly we did. Wings shriveled... fell off. Ate them... taste like nothing. Losing part of oneself... not unfamiliar to one they tell 


Talking again with the Spore Shroom charm equipped

They speak to one too... the mushrooms. Lucky one is.. Do not need cap? Better... not much room anyway...


After encountering Mister Mushroom

You have met with Master Herald... lucky one is once more. Very wise... magnificent cap...


After exhausting all dialogue

Friends desire to speak with us... leave us be...


When Dream Nailed

Small knight... needs small cap...


When Dream Nailed with the Spore Shroom charm equipped

Small knight... not need cap? Do we envy... or pity?


A huge "Thank you!" to my Patrons on Patreon:
Noel Blackketter


Olmold, Cave Dweller Fakemon
Name: Olmold (Olm + Mold)
Category: Cave Dweller Pokémon
Type: Rock
Ability: Metamorph* / Adder Stone (HA)** 
* (Powers up Rock-type moves by 50% when the Pokémon's HP is below 1/3)
**(When hit by a Water-type move, the damage taken is halved, and the Pokémon's Special Defense stat raises by 1 stage)

Height: 0.45m
Weight: 13.8kg

Olmold live exclusively inside caves, as direct sunlight is harmful to their pigmentless skin. The protrusions on their head help them detect even the faintest of tremors.

HP: 50
Att: 43
Def: 87
SpA: 48
SpD: 47
Spd: 40
Total: 315

Potential Moveset

Stealth Rock
Rock Slide

Olmold evolves into ???

A huge "Thank you!" to my Patrons on Patreon:
Noel Blackketter



Journal History

I want to do more Alolan variants for Johto Pokémon; which ones would you like to see? 

239 deviants said Teddiursa + Ursaring
235 deviants said Natu + Xatu
168 deviants said Remoraid + Octillery
157 deviants said Slugma + Magcargo
156 deviants said Sunkern + Sunflora
119 deviants said Stantler
57 deviants said Any others? (comment!)


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Lex Schilperoord
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Welcome! Good to have you here :)

I'm Lex, and this is my profile on dA. Feel free to click around in your spare time, or when procrastinating :)


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Autistic-Trash Featured By Owner 5 days ago  New Deviant Student Traditional Artist
excuse me, what are the rules of using your fakemon, as im constructing a discord roleplay server for the pokemon universe and im using fakemon, and I wanted to know if I could use some of yours, or if its not allowed? Also, on an unrelated note, your art is amazing and gamefreak should hire you to make pokemon designs
Smiley-Fakemon Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Go ahead :)
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Your fakemon designs are amazing! Their names sound like they fit right into a pokemon game too. How do you think of these names?
Smiley-Fakemon Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I go by a lot of words related to the mon and mentally put them together until I find something ^^
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I have no idea but I found only now in the YT home.
zooIogy Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your designs are so good! They look like they'd be right at home in an official pokemon game!
nerotoxin06 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2018  Student Artist
im making a fan game can i use these? (i dont plan to make money AND i will give you early access when done)
DoubleDubey Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2018  New Deviant
Can I upload these images on Korean website with original link(here) and my own description of individual monster? I want to show this to others too!
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I can borrow 5 pokemon?
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I sent you a note
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Your Pokémon designs are spectacular! And just amazing! Keep up the awesome work!!!
Tumfuleri Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2018
Good pocket monsters (seriously, they're awesome!).
titanic19111912 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2018  Student Artist
Uxiecuttor10 Featured By Owner Edited Jun 26, 2018
I can use Some with your permission?This(…)(…)(…)in my fangame?

(Obviously giving you credits)
Smiley-Fakemon Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Are you gonna make any money with your game?
Uxiecuttor10 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2018
I'm not interested in that, the game I do it for and for fun
Smiley-Fakemon Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Then it'sall okay as long as you credit me :)
Demonic-Artist182 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Your art is amazing. I really like the originality and creativity of the designs. I'm trying to make my own fakemon but I have no ideas. I'm currently making my own pokemon region and I was wondering if I could borrow some of your designs? I'll make sure to credit you.
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