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Just wondering - do people prefer wedgie stories that are based on consensual, sexual wedgies (such as those between people who are dating and have wedgie fetishes), or wedgies that are meant to be humiliated and aggressive (such as bully-nerd stories)?

I think that many of my stories and my ideas fall into the latter of the two. I have also seen literature that combines the two in some way. I'm curious what people think of this subject in wedgie literature!
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Which do you prefer: reading wedgie stories, or viewing wedgie images/videos?
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Yeah yeah yeah, I'm very inconsistent in this site. Sorry for delayed absences, and lack of posting. I have, however, brainstormed over a new concept for a story! This is called Turner Boarding Academy! Rather than write a linear plot line like I always try to do (and almost always fail to finish), I will instead write this one in episodes! This means that each story at Turner may share the same setting and basic premise, but I plan on focusing on different characters and/or ideas on each episode. It won't be linear, and each episode may be isolated from one another, but this gives me the creative liberty of not being stuck with one central plot. And if I really like a character or story, I could give followup episodes. My goal is to avoid a writer's burnout that usually occurs when I write series that are too plot centered. Let me know what you think! The first episode revolves around a nerd girl named Kelsey, who's parents began an infamous scholarship program at the academy to the disdain of the locals, who exact their vengeance on poor Kelsey!
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So the story I just submitted today was an idea I had for a while but never put to text until now! Hope you like it!
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As I'm sure many of you noticed, I was gone for well over a year. I was on occasion online, but I never talked to anyone on this site. There are many reasons, both logistical and mental, for this, but long story short, I reduced my presence on the internet (at least the non personal one). I still do not plan to explain everything that has happened to me over this time, but know I am okay. I don't want to worry anyone. And sorry to those who I never messaged back. That, in hindsight, was a tad rude that I didn't even send a message to say I was offline for a while. I'm a bit spacey, so I come in and out a lot. But I'd like to say I will at the very least try to have a tiny presence here, mainly because I do miss it. I miss the stories I get to write and the drawings I do (even though I'm not that good at art). And even though I am doing things in real life, I do miss talking to people here about stuff we like too! So if it means anything, I wanna try to minimally regain contact on this cite, and maybe publish some fictional works, as I find writing to be very liberating, and a bit arousing. I won't be online too often, and I don't promise anything, but I want to make my presence known after all this time. Feel free to message me! I wanna get a story out soon, but I need ideas and some time, so feel free to comment or private message me a basic story idea to work with!
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