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Soifon sheet

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Done during the summer, just never got a chance to post it.

...I'm slightly dissapointed with her bankai.....its kinda I dunno...blah
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:spotlight-left:This is Amazing !!!:spotlight-right: You draw so well!! :)So is this what you have been doing Mila Yoshioka? DI:NG has missed you!! And new members are excited to meet you :community:

Please stop by and say hi sometime :)
or on gildedlantern

hope to talk to you soon :heart:
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haha o hey wow I didn't anybody from DI:NG new me on here. I have to just keep remembering to log into my other account <_<
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LOVELY..and so totally right, her bankai was really unfitting....
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Beautiful!! :clap: I love your style! :iconinloveplz: It never ceases to amaze me! c:
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now this i like!
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beautiful drawing, and i love the shading in crouching-soifon's hair.

the close-up of soifon's face has got awkward eyes, though.
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hmmm now that you mention it....the iris' are different sizes! haha <_<
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she's also got a bit of...chameleon eyes, if i may.
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Soi Fong FTW. I love the composition.
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your shading on the dress is great.
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So pretty! But ya i agree ;; her bankai was weird..and so akward for her. No wonder she never uses it
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I was kinda hoping it would be epic and awesome with I dunno a costume change or something...but no
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I like it (:
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