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Before its too late

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woah.....this is from WAAAAAAAYYYY back (ok not that far but during april this year) It was part of my other saliva girl series
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Mar 1, 2009, 3:07:06 PM
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I like how colour seems to play such an integral role lends a big feeling of queasiness and really draws the onlooker in. :)
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Wooow I loove this! You have a beautiful sense of detail.:)
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MEI!!! how's KCAI????
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How do you knnoooow? D:
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lmao remember u told me last time I saw u on the train before I left. (I have insanely creepy memory)
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Ooh I don't remember but then again, my memory is bad. KCAI has been awesome for me. What school are you going to?
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SAIC, its pretty sweet I
m just not crazy about trekking home in snow <_<
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Lol I can relate
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a little scary.

the title, this could be a case where the title is totally random and disconnected from the art, but I think that phrase makes the piece a little more intense. Like - the woman looks disturbed, I'm thinking maybe she has the title stuck in her head, maybe she'll "crack".(or maybe she's already cracked and now she's bursting (flowers and such)

Time issues
bright flowers and patterns
(gotta be alice inspired)
but why saliva girl?
perhaps its means temptation -
or - preparation - or - wasteful despair - or productive mischievous downfall - or - sorrowful warning - or a plea for sanity -or directions to salvation -or - , etc, etc. -hmm... or maybe just warm mouth runoff

so concludes todays stream of consciousness rambling.
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WHY ARE YOU NOT IN MY SCHOOL????!!!! you would be awesome during crits ( ps I can't wait to show you your finished piece, I'm putting the last touches on it)
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You know, I think you'd really like James Jean's work. Look him up :D

Also, I miss you!
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NEAIEJFNAJSFAIHFAJFKASKJ^&&%^^!!!!! his stuff is awesome!!! thanks for the tip!!! ( P.s I think of only u as I awkwardly tear napkins at restaurants)
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Very beautifull! :D
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