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The Redanian Eagles

The colours of the Kingdom of Redania are: white and red, and the coat of arms from time immemorial has been the silver eagle in a red field. Of this eagle, the ancient emblem of King Abrad the Old Oak, various motions and forms were, notwithstanding presently the insigne is like King Radovid IV had determined and approved in edict: Gules, an eagle displayed Argent crowned, beaked and membered Or, grasping in the dexter claw an sceptre Or. The eagle is charged on the breast with an escutcheon: Sable a cross Or. Escutcheon is arms of Jamurlak, country located in the interfluve of rivers Buina and Braa ultimately vassalized by Crown of Redania during reign of Radovid the Bald.

Jan of Attre, Coats of Arms of the Respectable Royal and Knightly Houses, their blazon and history (translation mine)
The Kingdom of Redania is a fictional realm from "The Witcher" universe described in A. Sapkowski's novels. Description above suggest that Eagle, emblem of the state and royal dynasty, had several shapes through the ages - though, due to a lack of information, most of the fan projections depict only the final form. I've decided to design some speculative Eagles during reigns of some of monarchs.

Five flags in the last verse illustrate the diversity of colours which were used as "red". During the plot of Witcher Saga, in use was crimson and amaranth.

The three coat of arms in the second verse are the derivatives of basic eagle. Trojden, brother of Redanian king Radovid I the Great, was the first Earl of Kovir, region located in North. He was founded the House of Trojden, succesive members of which led to formation of the independent Kingdom of Kovir and Poviss. After the marriage of Gedovius with Gemma coat of arms of the House was enriched with Kaedweni Unicorn. The new coat of arms was the basis for the arms of the Kingdom of Kovir and Poviss, escutcheon of which contained also emblems of Poviss and Narok.
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