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[Plottie] Leon
My newly acquired, second plottie! I've been getting only males it seems =u=;;

Designed by @Acemayjo
Plotties are a closed species by MMXII 
Ville Du Mort - Scarlett Drummond
Name: Scarlett Drummond

Race: Human

Age: 25

Occupation: Engineer

Nationality: British

Alliance: N/A

Height: 5'4

Weight: 123 lbs

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Red

Blood Type: B+

Gift: Unknown


Self Preservation - Characters with this perk have a powerful survival instinct

• +2 Buff to Running when being chased

Street Wise - Characters with this perk are more experienced at surviving in the streets

• +2 Buff to Hiding when on the Streets

Weapon: Toolkit

Personality: Honest | Playful to those she's close to | Introverted | Unconfident in social situations | Secretive | Respectful to those of a higher social class than she

History: Born into the working class, Scarlett grew up around crafts and hard-labor. Her father was a construction worker, and her mother was a part-time babysitter and seamstress. Tagging along with her mother, she learned interact with young children but she didn't have much interaction with people her own age. Besides, she actually liked being around her father's job more often. Unfortunately, it was a social faux pas for her to be seen around so many unmarried men while being an unmarried woman herself. When she could she would hide away in the machinery, much preferring the rhythmic whirs and noises of the steel and smoke. She had one older brother who disappeared when she was young, so she grew up as an only child would. She learned the basics of how to read and write but decided to learn skills rather than continue on in education. 

In her early teens, Scarlett's father was involved in a construction accident which left him disabled. As their family's main source of income, this left her family in a bad situation. To help pay for her father's medical bills, and to support the family, Scarlett took up work despite the gender stigma. She began work in a cotton mill factory, but became more interested in the machines themselves. Learning about the inner workings, Scarlett became even more valuable as an employee. Luckily, her employer was more forward-thinking than the norm and recognized the benefits she could bring. He allowed her to learn about the machines, so long as she worked exclusively for his factories. Thus she began her career as an engineer. Unfortunately, despite having the skills, she face discrimination and disapproval from all others in and outside of the workplace. 

Likes: Cats | Sour candy | Nature | Spicy food

Dislikes: Poetry | Sweets | Surprises
Looking for an rp to join, if anyone has a suggestion ;v;;; In the past I wasn't a great rp-er but I think I've matured since then, I also miss the community I used to be apart of <3
Jacelyn Returns
Hello! Long time no drawings haha. I recently got the itch to draw again, so hopefully you'll be seeing more.... Here is my girl Jace, who some may recognize from my previous rps. I just wanted to draw her again to see how my style has evolved. 



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