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My remix of :rofl: not quite sure on rolling bit but hey I'll never get around to changing it.

== INFO ==
Time Taken: N/A
Dimensions: 33w x 16h
Size: 12.73KB
Frames: 120

• 6 March 2007
=Chimpantalones made a better version than me check it here.
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Thank you!
This emoticon totally fits the "laughing" theme.:goodjob: revamp 
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I just want this pic and its giving these
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Funny lol emote!!!!!!!!
MouseMaster42's avatar
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This should be the official one!!! :love:
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lol thats cute!!! :rofl:
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nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu IT SHOULDA A-SPLODED
Breakfast-ROFLs's avatar
may i use this to make an av?
ill credit you :)
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Yeah sure go nuts :) don't even worry about credit.
Take it as a gift as per my extremely late reply (sorry).
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D'aw! That is one happy, happy little emoticon. Adorable.
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Awesomness! Love This Emoticon!!!
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:no: Your version is better than `Chimpantalones's one!
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Haha cute!! They should :D put that as an offical one!
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the rolling is the best part :D
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It's SOOOOO much better than the original!
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