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And another emoticon made during my procrastination from studying for my upcoming exams

Basically this was meant to be used for people reviving dead topics on forums but I couldn't really make the yellow guy look like a topic (I mean how does a topic look?) so suggestions are wanted espicially if you can help me out with this problem.

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I  came here from the future in 2014.  I must say this is sad :c
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Do you give me permission for using your photo in a work of school about types of pain?
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aww =x sad and sweet
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It's so sad. *sniff* Nice work!
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:lol: He ends up living in the end :D
^ Secret being the scenes knowledge :giggle:
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yeah i feel like this a lot. lol. great stuff.
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I'm always happy to find fresh emote ideas - and those serious ones are definetely worth the attention too :nod: :clap:
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:wow: Wow, I never would have thought of something like this!
That is so good... EXCELLENT!!!!! Great job!
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That's just brilliant. He doesn't have to look like a thread. The entire emote is a metaphore: an apt and eminently useable metaphore. The EKG is an inspired choice. :worship:
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